Major Battlefield 2042 Updates Slated for December

This weekend, Battleground 2042's lead designer took to Twitter to address a host of player complaints and concerns. Posting on social media isn't enough, however, and EA Dice is about to make a real attempt to make amends to the player base with two massive updates. Why do game developers seem to take the "release now, fix later" approach? I'm not sure, but if the patches succeed in fixing the majority of player issues, there might be room for some forgiveness. The first patch arrives tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, while the second will hit the game in early December.

EA DICE announced the updates in a statement on Tuesday. "Teams around the world are working 24/24 to evolve and make improvements to the game. We've confirmed at least two major game updates in the coming weeks, and we'll be communicating here regularly about any changes that we've made. we bring, as well as on new content coming soon. Battlefield 7.” 

Tomorrow's patch is intended to fix excessive weapon proliferation and a number of reactivation bugs. It will also provide a nerf to hovercraft. Unfortunately, the heaviest and most substantial update is the one arriving in early December, although it looks like some much-requested additions are actually about to be implemented. The lowered screen will actually show players capable of reviving you within 50 yards, and a notification will let you know when a medic is on the way. Health bars will be more visible and player world icons will scale based on their distance from you. Audio will be improved and AI bots will be more reliable. To see the huge list of upcoming fixes, check out the official blog post.

Battlefield 2042 was released on November 19, 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. A slew of bugs, performance issues, and missing features have plagued the title since launch day, and DICE will have to do some serious work to regain gamers' trust. After all, how do you explain having a multiplayer-only game without basic voice chat?


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