Developers Insist Godfall: Challenger Edition for PlayStation Plus Isn't a Trial

It won't make PlayStation Plus subscribers any happier.

Like every month, Sony announced its December games for PlayStation Plus this week, but this month's addition of God's Fall has left many subscribers outraged. Now the developers have responded to the disturbed players.

This month, PlayStation Plus plans to add the game Godfall: Challenger Edition. In this lite version of the game, players can try their hand at three endgame modes, collect valuable loot, and earn skill points. The main point of this edition is to play to test the game at the maximum level. The main exclusion of the Challenger Edition is the single-player campaign.

Many disappointed Godfall: Challenger Edition subscribers have complained that this version of the game doesn't live up to what they expect from PlayStation Plus. Players have said that Playstation Plus still offers "full" games. The Challenger Edition makes players pay an additional amount of money for the main version of the game if they want to continue further.

God's FallThe developers of Counterplay spoke to Eurogamer about the criticism surrounding the December PlayStation Plus pick this month. They simply maintained that the Challenger Edition was "not a trial" and described it as "a new limited edition at a reduced price". Counterplay also recently issued a press release stating that the Challenger Edition would soon be free on the Epic Game Store from December 9-16. After which this controversial version of God's Fall will be sold for $14,99.

That explanation is unlikely to do much to satisfy PlayStation Plus subscribers who feel aggrieved by this month's addition of Godfall: Challenger Edition. For gamers only interested in the full game, the Fallen Digital Deluxe Edition regularly costs $59,99 on the PlayStation Store, but is currently on sale for $29,99. Hopefully January's PlayStation Plus game deals will be a little less controversial.


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