15 Best PlayStation 4 Short Games

15 Best PlayStation 4 Short Games
15 Best PlayStation 4 Short Games

There are so many different video game titles that take days to complete. From long-running RPG titles to games as a service where new content is constantly thrown into the mix, finding a game to skim through quickly can be a challenge. However, if you're looking for games you can finish quickly, check out our list below. We have compiled some of the most popular short video game titles on the PlayStation 4 platform.

#15 The Order 1886

15 Best PlayStation 4 Short Games

Ready at Dawn was the origin of The Order 1886, which launched in 2022. It is an action-adventure title in which players take on the role of a knight who swears to protect the innocent from evil threats. most dangerous in the world. Along the journey, players would face several enemies such as werewolves and vampires. While Ready at Dawn has since evolved working primarily on VR gameplay, most of them initially outgrew The Order 1886 because it was a brand new video game title that cost $60 to player. The biggest issue was the fact that at $60 they were getting a game that only had about seven hours of content. However, as this game is now available at a great discount, it is a game that players would likely get their money's worth.

#14 Fire Watch

15 Best PlayStation 4 Short Games

Firewatch was a game that had a lot of interest online. Players have been given a new style of walking simulator game which can also be considered as a more modern adventure game. Rather than old-school point-and-click games, Firewatch puts players in a first-person perspective. Here in this game we are immersed in the 1980s where players take on the role of a new fire watcher named Henry. Stuck alone in the national park, Henry maintains the area to make sure no potential fires break out. Meanwhile, Henry has a source of communication with a supervisor at a nearby station named Delilah.

On this journey, we'll see what brought Henry to such a lonely job while perhaps discovering that there might be someone in the forest causing mischief. Similar to other games on this list, there is a choice-based system where Henry can respond to Delilah with specific talking points that will help progress the narrative journey. While fans enjoyed this game from indie studio, Campo Santo, the developers were acquired by Valve, so it's unclear if we'll see another installment on the IP.

#13 Little Nightmares

15 Best PlayStation 4 Short Games

In Little Nightmares, players will take on the role of a young girl named Six who had been abducted from her home and forced to work at a place known as The Maw. Massive and hostile enemies make sure everything is in order and no one tries to leave their designated area. The game looks a bit like Limbo if you know that title. There is a very hostile environment to traverse, so players will need to examine the area carefully and attempt to solve the puzzles or potentially avoid drawing attention to your protagonist.

The controls here are quite simple to understand as you only have movement, jump and grab mechanics to deal with. This game also has a sequel readily available which is worth checking out after completing the first installment. Both are also short games to complete, with the first installment taking most players under four hours to complete the main storyline, while the sequel takes just under six hours.

# 12 Soma

15 Best PlayStation 4 Short Games

Frictional Games is perhaps best known for the Penumbra and Amnesia video games. It's a studio that knows how to deliver a first-person horror video game experience. Their latest release is another psychological horror title called Soma which places players in a remote underwater research facility. Throughout the game, campaign players attempt to uncover the truth behind the facility that has gone rogue with machines taking on more human-like characteristics.

If you're familiar with Amnesia, Soma adopts a similar style of play in that players will be keen to take a stealthy approach when dealing with the enemy. It's best to avoid danger when possible by searching for clues and solving puzzles. Currently, most players can complete the game campaign in just ten hours.

#11 Without Beef

15 Best PlayStation 4 Short Games

Oxenfree was an indie hit that follows a young teenage girl named Alex who heads to an abandoned local island with friends for a party. However, what was supposed to be a party turns into a horror trip as Alex quickly discovers that there is a supernatural element living on this island. Instead of a night filled with partying, drinking, and hanging out with friends, Alex finds himself bringing everyone together while finding a way to get off this island.

One of the reasons why fans chose this game was also because of its mature story where we dive into a variety of difficult topics. Additionally, the game is a choice-based title, so depending on the choices you make along the way, you will determine which ending you receive. The gameplay can be described as an adventure title with players going through game solving puzzles and exploring areas.

#10 The Walking Dead

15 Best PlayStation 4 Short Games

Telltale Games was such an iconic video game development studio for adventure story enthusiasts. The developers found their groove with episodic-style releases, and their popularity allowed the team to work on a variety of licensed IPs. Arguably their biggest release was The Walking Dead, a series that followed a new cast of characters while primarily revolving around Clementine. Players start the game as a criminal heading to jail for murder when the zombie apocalypse hits, giving our protagonist, Lee, another chance at life. That's when players stumble upon a scared little girl, Clementine, who is all alone in a world that is quickly being taken over by mindless zombies. It's here that players go through an episodic journey to find refuge with Clementine, but the global apocalypse shows just how brutal humanity can be when they have little support.

The game mechanics are quite easy to understand as you mainly walk around exploring the area, chatting with characters, going through QTEs and making decisions which will play a major role in the narrative journey. Much like Life is Strange, this game can be broken down into small sections through episodes, although the entire season can be completed on a weekend. This of course refers to the first installment as there are several seasons in this series with an exciting conclusion. Trust us, if you're a fan of The Walking Dead and haven't played this series yet, do yourself a favor and pick up the first season ASAP.

#9 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

15 Best PlayStation 4 Short Games

In Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, players follow two brothers who must go on a grand adventure through multiple hostilities to bring back special water. The water is believed to heal their dying father, though the journey itself will prove difficult for these siblings to overcome. That said, it's a beautiful title with puzzle-filled gameplay and boss fights. This game also allows for local cooperative play where players can solve the puzzles and explore the different locations together. That said, it's not a long game at all, with most players able to complete this game in just three hours.

#8 Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

15 Best PlayStation 4 Short Games

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice received huge attention because it came from a small indie studio called Ninja Theory, but it looked incredibly like a AAA title. The video game follows a Celtic warrior named Senua as she journeys through hell in hopes of saving her lover's soul. However, Senua is also cursed upon seeing psychotic manifestations due to her mental illnesses.

Senua suffers from hallucinations, delusions, anxiety and depression. Due to these illnesses, our protagonist must embark on a very personal journey. Since that game's release, Ninja Theory has been swept away by Microsoft and they are currently working on a new installment for players to enjoy, although at the time of writing this review we don't know exactly when the sequel will be released. Players who are ready for the first installment will find that the game will take just under eight hours to complete.

# 7 Transistor

15 Best PlayStation 4 Short Games

In Transistor, players step into the role of Red, a lounge singer who has had her voice stolen, but now wielding a large sword-like weapon known as the Transistor, she embarks on a journey to figure out what exactly is going on with his stolen voice. and the chaos that has hit the world. Of course, we won't go any further than that as this game forces players to understand the narrative as they progress through the title.

Similar to Bastion, Supergiant Game's previous video game release, the graphics resemble a hand-drawn world, but the combat is slightly tinkered with. It's still an action-RPG, where players can level up their character, whether it's powerful attacks or defensive moves to keep Red a little safer in a fight. Those short on time will find that this game will only take you around six hours.

#6 Limbo

15 Best PlayStation 4 Short Games

Limbo was an iconic fast-paced video game title when it launched. Players were dropped into a dark world as a child forced through a series of dangerous environments. This is one of those games where you can sit in pure awe, the art style alone is completely capitulating. For lack of better words, Limbo is beautiful but horrible. With no real idea what's going on, the game leaves you stuck in a creepy lower-right environment with no cutscenes or dialogs to find.

Playing as a little boy, all you have to do is quickly escape from the miserable place you woke up from. As you can probably guess, this title can be pretty gruesome at times and you can expect a ton of kills. Most players will be able to get through the main storyline in under four hours, which is incredibly short and rewarding with all the traps and platforming beasts to avoid along the way.

# 5 Doom

15 Best PlayStation 4 Short Games

Doom is such an iconic and classic FPS game and it paved the way for so many other classic video game titles to come out after. Not too long ago at this point there was the Doom reboot release which gave gamers a new FPS title which once again casts players into the role of Doom Slayer who is forced to defeat a demonic invasion when a facility draws from hell for Resources. Things quickly go awry and he left Doom Slayer in a fierce battle with so many demons pouring in and seeking to reach Earth for destruction.

It's just as brutal and blood-filled as you'd imagine a new age Doom game would be. The game finishes in less than twelve hours, but if you find the gameplay fun and want an even more challenging experience, I suggest you check out its sequel, Doom Eternal, which will take players a few hours longer than the standard reboot. of Doom. .

#4 Life is strange.

15 Best PlayStation 4 Short Games

The Life is Strange franchise was a big hit and put Dontnod Entertainment on the map. This studio worked with Square Enix to bring out a supernatural episodic journey. In the game, players follow a young student named Max who returns to her hometown to attend a prestigious school. However, she quickly discovers that she possesses the ability to turn back time with the knowledge of a massive storm that will destroy the city in a few days. With help from their old childhood, the duo begin a journey to figure out how to weather the storm while unearthing some dark secrets the town has kept hidden.

It's an episodic trip as mentioned, so it's easy to go through this game in short segments. Each episode will give players a few hours of content before finally ending on a cliffhanger for the next episode. That said, the entire season will only take players about fourteen hours to complete. Also, there is a second season readily available as well as a prequel to the first season called Life is Strange Before The Storm that are worth checking out.

#3 Coming Home

15 Best PlayStation 4 Short Games

With the video game Gone Home, players take on the role of a young college student returning home on break. While waiting was once again fun with family and friends, our protagonist returns home to find no one around. This is where the story journey begins, as players will have to investigate the house in hopes of finding out where everyone has been. Although Gone Home seems like an atmospheric horror title, it's just not because it's a very relaxing mystery for players to solve.

You will go through the open house and collect the different clues. The game will have you going through different rooms, picking up scraps of paper, and piecing together a narrative of the events that took place before you arrived. It is also one of the shortest video games on the list, as it will take about two hours to complete the story.

# 2 Bastion

15 Best PlayStation 4 Short Games

In Bastion, players are thrown into a world that has simply been destroyed. As a hero known as The Kid, players embark on an epic action RPG journey with intricate levels filled with unique enemies and dangerous elements of the world. Although the storyline may not appeal to everyone, it is a small RPG that may appeal to gamers. Players will have a wide variety of weapons, a visually pleasing aesthetic, and to top it all off, a smooth voice narrator will help drive the game forward. The more you play, the more new weapons or customization options you'll unlock and it becomes a battle of when to stop playing. Of course, this is not a game that will continue to play indefinitely throughout the entire campaign. Most have completed this game in around six hours.

#1 inside

15 Best PlayStation 4 Short Games

Inside is the successor to Playdead's Limbo. It's a game that once again puts players in the role of a young child in a strange, unusual dystopia. With humans essentially having been brainwashed, our protagonist is forced to escape from this strange place the narrative takes part in. However, players will have to endure a ton of death along the way with so much hostility not just from the humans controlling the facility. but environmental hazards for even rabid animals such as hunting dogs. It's a game that's received a ton of praise because the story is told through gameplay rather than any type of cutscene or storytelling. As a result, it sparked so many different storyline and gameplay theories along the way. It's pretty easy to get lost in the conspiracy theories behind the course of this game once the campaign is over.

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