Silent Hill 4: The Room has been released digitally for PC

    Silent Hill 4: The Room has been released digitally for PC

    There is a huge fan base for the Silent Hill franchise and for years that fan base has sat and waited to see if anything would come from IP in terms of a video game release. After Konami disbanded the internal Team Silent group that was responsible for the original Silent Hill video game installments, we received fewer stellar releases. After that, we received nothing at all. It's been a long, cold time for us fans, but it looks like there's something in the works that might inspire fans to relive at least one Silent Hill title all over again.

    Konami recently released a few PC ports digitally again for their different IP addresses. This included the likes of Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania. Earlier this week, there appeared to have been a rating discovery for Silent Hill 4: The Hall, meaning we could get the latest Team Silent game released digitally for PC. It is a game that was previously available on the PC platform, but can now be purchased and enjoyed digitally.

    Silent Hill 4: The Hall is a unique element of Team Silent games. This particular episode takes place between two maps and even transitions from first person to third person. However, the symbolism, dark atmospheric tone, puzzles, and scarce resources are still intact. Now the game is fully available to purchase digitally on GOG.

    While this is big news for Silent Hill fans, there are still rumors online. With the likes of Capcom killing it off with Resident Evil remakes, fans received an influx of rumors that a similar Silent Hill setup was planned. If the rumors turn out to be true, we could possibly see a reboot of the Silent Hill franchise altogether, but at this point hopes have really started to dim.

    Source: PC Gamer

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