40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022
40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Action RPG games are a popular subgenre. You mix the best of role-playing games with an action element. Players typically fight in real time, giving them the ability to move freely during combat rather than scrolling through a series of menus in turn-based games. If you're looking for something new to play, here are some great video game picks in 2022. You can easily spend a few hours in these games below.

That said, we've stuck with games that are already available, so some expected action RPGs, such as Biomutant, which has yet to be released at the time of writing, aren't included. . Likewise, all the lists are objective, everyone has games they like, dislike and their ranking. These are just a collection of video games worth giving a shot this year.

# 40 Cyberpunk 2077

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

CD Projekt Red in a ton of players around the world couldn't do anything wrong. These developers were delivering iconic and classic RPG titles for The Witcher franchise and over the years this studio was promoting their next exciting video game release, Cyberpunk 2077. It was a game that was supposed to set the bar even higher. higher for development. teams up with a futuristic new world, tons of quests, multiple endings, and a seemingly endless amount of fun for players to discover. However, the game launched to very poor reviews.

While some platforms were relatively easy to play, base console models for later generation consoles were unplayable. Despite the flack on the number of bugs, glitches and technical issues initially, the development team continues with new updates. While the storyline and lore may not be as rich as the studio's previous release, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, it's still shaping up to be a fun and insane action-RPG that we hope will continue to become more of. big and better with the patch series. with DLC released.

# 39 Code Vein

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

The Souls series has created a fan base. The challenging combat makes players eagerly dive into the Dark Souls franchise, but any other Souls-like release released in the market. One of those games was Code Vein, a title that places players in a post-apocalyptic vampire-centric world. Players step into a protagonist who becomes a new vampire-like creature known as the Revenant.

Hoping to free their memory from before, players fight to avoid the temptation of bloodlust and fight for their freedom from this nightmarish world. As mentioned, combat feels a bit like a Souls game but you can quest with friends through online co-op.

#38 Kingdom Come: Deliverance

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a period RPG title set in the year 1403. If you're expecting something like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you're going to be a bit disappointed. It's a game that's more based on medieval realism where combat isn't always the answer. Players are essentially the young adult who finds his family slaughtered after an attack on the kingdom.

Joining a resistance group, players are in a battle for revenge and service for the future of your land. While there are a ton of characters, NPCs to interact with, and quests, combat isn't necessarily easy here and can be a turn off for some players. It's more about aiming correctly, watching your stamina, and countering. Likewise, there's a ton of dialogue here, so expect a little sluggishness as you traverse the countryside.

# 37 Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

In Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, players are thrust into a high fantasy world where dragons have appeared, leaving nothing but destruction across the lands. This is where our protagonist attempted to fight the dragon, but after failing, the dragon consumes his heart, leaving the hero as what is known as an Arisen.

Now your life has been dedicated to fighting dragons and helping those in need. This game had a pretty decent following with fans waiting for Capcom to release another installment, but so far that has never happened. However, it's worth pointing out that Capcom's leaked list of projects, which came from an online attack, recently revealed that a sequel was in development. We are just waiting for that official announcement to be released at this point.

#36 Phantasy Star Online 2

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Phantasy Star Online was a huge hit when it launched and helped move Sega Dreamcast consoles into the market. While fans loved this online MMORPG, it was a game that eventually got old. Fortunately, the franchise launched a new installment in the market with Phantasy Star Online 2. The problem was that this game was launched in 2022 exclusively in Japan and it took several years before it finally found its way into the markets. Westerners.

Now that the game is available, players can go through this new Phantasy Star Online 2 game, which is divided into season chapters for the storyline. Here, players are recruits to ARKS, a task force that monitors various planets for signs of corrupt force seeking to destroy the universe. This game is completely free to play, so there's nothing stopping you from trying it out, but just know that this storyline eventually finds its way into the latest MMORPG installment, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.

# 35 Berseria Tales

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

The Tales franchise has been around for years, and one of the more recent IP releases had gained new notoriety among gamers. Tales of Berseria is an action RPG that follows a young woman named Velvet Crowe who has grown from a reserved and quiet individual to a vessel filled with nothing more than anger. After a traumatic event that forced Velvet into dark imprisonment, our protagonist escapes and begins her revenge. Along the way, players will encounter a unique cast of characters to aid Velvet.

Meanwhile, combat for the series has remained the same as what most fans of the Tales franchise are used to. It's a bit like Kingdom Hearts, when players enter a battle they have the freedom to run around the battle area, dodge attacks, perform a series of melee combos or launch an attack more powerful alongside your party. If you missed this game and haven't given the Tales franchise this is a great starting point that doesn't require any story from previous Tales installments.

#34 Middle-earth: Shadow of War

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is the sequel to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and honestly the first installment is an exciting game to try as well. I encourage you to try this game first, but that said on our list I went with Middle-earth: Shadow of War. The game once again puts players in the role of the ranger Talion with the fiery Elf Lord Celebrimbor. Here players fight against a large number of hostile forces across the open world like orcs. Most would say the combat is very much like the Batman Arkham games, where it's very action-oriented as you find yourself in a group of orcs, unleashing a barrage of attacks while countering the visual cues given on the screen. .

One of the things the player was interested in was the Nemesis system. When fighting an enemy like a normal orc, if you end up losing, that individual will remember you, they will sometimes have scars from your last fight and when you encounter them again in battle, they may reference your last fight . It was a really interesting concept after the developers first introduced it in Shadow of Mordor and luckily they brought it back with the latest installment, Shadow of War.

# 33 Kiwami Yakuza

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

The Yakuza series had a sequel but the series is a bit old today after it started on the PlayStation 2. Luckily, the developers chose to bring back the game series with a few remakes under the Kiwami name. This game not only allowed veterans to replay storylines once again, but also provided modern game mechanics for newcomers. It sparked yet another resurgence in the Yakuza franchise as we walked through the storyline of series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu, a member of a high-ranking Yakuza family.

When Kazuma Kiryu is falsely accused of murdering a family boss, Kiryu ends up in jail. It's only after a decade in prison that our protagonist is released that he discovers that his old friend Akira Nishikiyama has become a powerful Yakuza boss and his childhood friend Yumi has since disappeared. The players then embark on a quest to understand what has happened since his departure with the hunt for Yumi. If you're familiar with the Yakuza franchise, you know that this series has a very over-the-top action brawler combat system.

# 32 Origine YS

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

In Ys Origin, players follow the knights of Ys who live in this land above the clouds. When an attempt has been made to build a tower to reach the earth, our protagonists head down to foil their unruly plans and obliterate the devil's tower spiral. Here you will not only have to fight against hostile forces, but complete a series of puzzles. Similar to other Ys games, this is an action RPG, you'll be able to move freely during combat to dodge attacks or line up for the perfect shot against some of the complex boss fights you'll encounter.

# 31 Assassin’s Creed Origins

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Assassin's Creed has been an iconic and popular video game franchise for decades. The series generally had a very stealthy approach to gameplay as each episode followed a fictional historical event. Meanwhile, the protagonists were always members of the Assassins, which were a group that fought for peace and freedom, while the antagonist was always Templars, a group that demanded control. With Assassin's Creed Origins we had a bit of a change in game mechanics, it was more fluid with a bit more freedom in combat and it's the same style of play that has continued until now with the latest mainline installments to the Assassin's Creed franchise.

In Assassin's Creed Origins, in particular, players are thrown into ancient Egypt which served as a bit of a starting point for the Assassins and Templar order. Here we followed Bayek of Siwa and his battle with the Order of the Ancients which was the precursor to what would be considered the Order of the Templars. Again, like the latest installments in the Assassin's Creed franchise, players are given a relatively large map to explore, NPCs to take quests from, and a slew of weapons or gear to equip.

# 30 Impact de Genshin

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Genshin Impact was a game that immediately caught the eye online as it was a visually comparable title to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. On top of that, it was a game that was available for a wide range of platforms, from PC, consoles to smartphones. This is a fantasy game where players take on the role of a traveler who gets separated from their brother and imprisons them in the new world.

Now players will embark on a grand journey as they attempt to find their sibling. However, along the way, you will encounter characters who could all use your help to provide aid within the community. Best of all, it's completely free to play, so why not give it a shot today?

#29 Flashlight 2

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Torchlight 2 may not have an in-depth narrative or tons of lore, but it does deliver exciting and fun action RPG gameplay. It's kind of like Diablo 3, but where Diablo 3 delves deeper into a dreaded, demonic art style, Torchlight 2 is full of color. Don't get me wrong, it's still a constant battle with hostile enemies and creatures, but there's quite a bit of visual color here. Again, just like Diablo and some of the other isometric style action RPG titles, players can dive into this game with a cooperative multiplayer mode.

#28 Warhammer: Vermintide 2

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 throws players into a fight of a lifetime as they do battle against the Skaven. This is a combat-focused game with an assortment of melee weapons and abilities. Meanwhile, players can choose from a few different characters that can be modified for a certain playstyle or class. It's one of those games that's just fun to play with friends as it's a co-op PvE style title similar to Left 4 Dead if you're familiar with that franchise. If you're looking for a new game with a group of friends, give Warhammer: Vermintide 2 a chance in 2022.

# 27 Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Tom Clancy's The Division was a unique new tactical shooter for the Tom Clancy name. It was an MMO game that followed an agency that essentially acted as the nation's last stand. From the first episode following a pandemic crippling the country, Tom Clancy's The Division 2 continues with this agency as a way to now protect the government from domestic terrorist organizations that seek to dismantle it. Again, this is an MMO title that will require players to go online to play through it.

Overall, players start the game in Washington DC as you help the government eliminate hostile organizations in the area. Players can unlock new gear and weapons to use as loadouts while being able to freely explore the open city while fighting hostile forces that will spawn on the map. Quests will also appear in the town that you can tackle on your own or be paired up with other players online or with friends if you don't want to play solo.

# 26 Assassins Creed Odyssey

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Assassin's Creed Odyssey was the successor to Assassin's Creed Origins, so it had the same style of game mechanics and a great open-world layout. In this game, players are placed in 422 BC where players can choose between two characters, Kassandra and Alexios. The storyline does not change between characters, as you become an outcast of your family and homeland by order of a religious group.

Reluctantly, your family complies with their demands by throwing you sideways off a cliff where you manage to survive. Washing up on the shores of a new world, our protagonist grows up to become a ruthless mercenary who eventually forces you to face your old family once again. I can't say much about the gameplay mechanics that will be so different from Assassin's Creed Origins. Instead, you have a bigger world to explore, quests to discover, and even the ability to travel the open sea on a ship to reach certain landmasses.

# 25 Transistor

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Supergiant Games made a name for themselves with Bastion, a game we'll cover later in this list. As a result, there was a lot of attention on their next big video game release which was Transistor. In this game, players take on the role of Red, a lounge singer who has had her voice stolen although in her place she wields a powerful, wide sword-like weapon called the Transistor. Now Red is on a journey to find his voice and solve the mystery of what is happening with the new chaos.

Of course, we won't go any further than that as this game forces players to understand the narrative as they progress through the title. It's quite an action RPG, where players can improve their character, whether it's powerful attacks or defensive measures to keep Red a little safer in a fight. Not to mention, it's quite short, with players needing less than ten hours to work through the campaign storyline.

#24 Dark Dawn

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Similar to Path of Exile and Diablo 3, Grim Dawn is an isometric hack and slash RPG. In the game, players discover that humanity is on the verge of extinction thanks to a horrific war between two supernatural forces that both see humanity as a resource or simply a target to be cleansed from the world. Players are essentially thrown into this world to see how they will survive or potentially shape this new reality for the human race. As you'd probably expect, this game has several different classes to start with, a skill tree to better hone your skills, and even co-op play support to play with your friends.

# 23 Kingdom Hearts 3

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

The Kingdom Hearts franchise was a huge hit when it was first released on PlayStation 2. Players had an epic action RPG journey based on Disney IPs. Overall, players traversed Disney's various IP worlds as they fought hostile enemies that brought darkness to the universe. While the narrative continued to grow quite complex through the series of spin-offs and side storylines available, the development team took a long time to release the third main installment to market, but we finally received the game in 2022.

Players once again took on the role of Sora as you fought heartlessly through a variety of Disney-owned worlds and characters. For example, players would venture into the world with the Pirate of the Caribbean, Monsters, Inc., Frozen, Tangled, Toy Story, and Hercules to name a few. Meanwhile, combat has remained the same, with players moving freely and battling enemies using their various Keyblades acquired along the way.

# 22 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

After Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Ubisoft delivered Assassin's Creed Valhalla which again follows the same gameplay mechanics as the last two installments. So those of you who appreciate the new gameplay mechanics and style of the Assassins' Creed franchise will probably enjoy this title as well. In Assassins' Creed Valhalla, players are thrown into the role of a Viking leader who aims for expansion. You'll get a glimpse into the lives of these travelers as they embark on Europe where they face the biggest battle yet.

Much like the previous iteration, Assassins' Creed Odyssey, players will find that the game will include a mythology to play with. There is also an upgrade system for skills and equipment. However, one aspect you won't find in an Assassin's Creed Odyssey return is the fact that you no longer need to grind side quests for XP to continue progressing through the main storyline campaign.

#21 Fallout in New Vegas

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Fallout in general is a very popular RPG franchise that has a strong following, however, some would argue that the best installment in the franchise is Fallout New Vegas. Interestingly, this episode wasn't even handled by Bethesda as the IP address was given to Obsidian Entertainment to play with. Here players don't go through the typical trope of a Fallout game where you start out in the Vault only to emerge back into the open Wasteland. Instead, Fallout New Vegas puts players in the heart of Vegas which has continued to thrive on fresh water and energy thanks to the Hoover Dam.

In the game, players are just an average transporter tasked with delivering a package when you get arrested, shot, and left to die. It's a game about revenge by surviving and passing. However, as with any Fallout title, players have a large open world to explore, NPCs to meet, quests to undertake, and the freedom to tweak your character's stats to play a bit more favorably to your playstyle.

#20 The Outer Worlds

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Speaking of Obsidian Entertainment, we also have The Outer Worlds, a game that was designed to play much like their time with Fallout New Vegas. Obsidian Entertainment has expertise with RPG titles and one of their last video games released before being acquired by Microsoft was The Outer Worlds, a title that places players in the future where your main campaign storyline is torn between two ways, helping a tagged madman. scientist who saved you from years of icy sleep or who helped the government control the hunt for the scientist.

In addition to the main campaign, players have a series of planets to visit, which contain different communities to explore and characters to meet. Again, like Fallout, there are a ton of side quests you can accept and help out that reward players with in-game currency, XP, or gear. Likewise, these missions are player dependent. who make tough decisions like choosing the community rewarded with the power of survival, but that's all you're going to get out of me. The rest of the big moral choices will be left to you as you progress through the game.

#19 Path of Exile

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Path of Exile for many fans was the free alternative to a Diablo video game experience. Gameplay was essential with an isometric view as you traversed the game fighting all sorts of hostile forces and a massive skill tree allowing players to spend points to unlock attributes or skills that gave them a buff towards their style of play. favorite game. As for the storyline, players are thrown onto the island of Wraeclast, a place that has been cursed and only contains criminals launched from the nearby island of Oriath.

Here, players traverse Wraeclast to aid those in need while defeating hostile creatures that have sprung up in the lands. Of course, the storyline gets a little deeper and with the various updates and expansions, there's a ton of content to wade through.

#18 Cross Code

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Crosscode is a retro-styled action RPG title that places players in a world that thrives on entertainment via a virtual reality MMORPG. It is a game that follows a storyline in which the developers discover a player with no memories or the ability to speak. With no way to find out who they are in the real world, the game creator's task is for the player to go through the game in hopes of unlocking the memories of their past. The gameplay is full of quests and puzzles to solve. Not to mention, a swarm of enemies to fight using your various hack-and-slash style combat weapons.

# 17 Remake de Final Fantasy 7

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Final Fantasy has a huge fanbase and with the decades-old franchise, there's a ton of hype around every episode released with veteran players holding certain game versions on a pedestal. Final Fantasy 7, which was released on the original PlayStation console, was one of the video game titles that did incredibly well with fans begging Square Enix to deliver a remake. It took several years before Square Enix finally caved and announced a remake for the PlayStation 4. The game only came out last year which ditched the turn-based RPG combat the original title was for. known.

Instead, we get an action RPG with players moving freely during combat and being able to deliver a barrage of dodging attacks. Unfortunately, this is not the full game as the developers chose to release this game in episodic installments. Currently, we don't even know how many installments there will be before Final Fantasy 7 Remake ends, but for now, you can enjoy the first part of the remake.

# 16 Fallout 4

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

We mentioned Fallout earlier in this list along with Fallout New Vegas. However, we also have the last main installment available to players today, Fallout 4. This time around, players start the game before the nuclear war, albeit only moments before the bombs drop. Rushing to the Local Vault, players arrive just in time with their spouse and child. In this particular vault, everyone is put into a chamber that forces them to hibernate for several years, preserving them until they are ready to resurface.

However, our protagonist wakes up early to find that armed individuals have broken into your spouse's bedroom, killing them while stealing your child. Before you can break free and stop them, you're put back below to wake up once more to find the attackers gone. Players are now on a journey to find out what happened at work above the surface while trying to find your kidnapped son.

#15 Devil III

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Diablo III was a big hit and it was a game that also played out much like the last two installments in the franchise. Players have the option to choose a class and begin their journey battling all sorts of hellish demonic creatures in search of new loot and gear. It's a classic series at this point with fans waiting for the next thrilling mainline game to hit the market. If you missed this game when it launched, you're in luck because there is the Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition available which comes with the base video game and the expansion pack to give you even more content to enjoy. player.

#14 Dark Souls 3

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

The Souls franchise is cherished but it's definitely not a game for everyone. We have already mentioned this title franchise with our previous video game point, Code Vein. It's a series that some players may find a little grueling with the amount of careful defense against dodging and ruthless combat. Knowing how to dodge and when to counter is the name of the game here, with Dark Souls 3 being the franchise's latest mainstay to date.

Dark Souls 3 is a game that places players in the realm of Lothric as you try to fend off all sorts of hostile creatures and undead from rising. Luckily, it's a game that's been around for a few years now, so you can get it for a pretty decent price.

# 13 Dragon Age: Inquisition

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

We mentioned that Obsidian Entertainment is a fan-favorite video game development studio capable of delivering some truly amazing RPG titles. However, another studio known for releasing exciting RPG video games is BioWare. The studio was behind Baldur's Gate, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Mass Effect to name a few. Another exciting series they launched in the market was Dragon Age.

The latest installment available in Dragon Age: Inquisition puts players in the role of an inquisitor. Players are on a journey to deal with civil unrest on the continent of Thedas. It is another epic open-world RPG that lets players go through all sorts of quests and battles against hostile forces. It's a game that can tie you up for quite a while, which can help kill time while you wait for Dragon Age 4 to finally hit the market.

# 12 Bastion

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

We mentioned earlier in this list about Supergiant Games, the development team that released Transistor. However, their first game to release was a surprise hit called Bastion. Here, players took on the role of a young child who was forced to explore and fight against hostile enemies in a ruined world. It was a short but sweet RPG that had plenty of shooter and action along the way. Not to mention, the storytelling was something to dive into when you told a storyline along the way. It might be a bit older indie title today, but it still holds up pretty well.

#11 Borderlands Series

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

It's hard to pick any particular installment in the Borderland series because they all play like a fun action RPG loot shooter. This is a franchise that has thrived when players come together and fight against all sorts of hostile enemies while searching for new loot to collect.

We recently received the franchise's third main installment, Borderlands 3, where players were given a new cast of characters with the antagonist being the Calypso Twins who are the power of the chests. While the whole series is fun to play, if you're new to the IP, you can easily dive into Borderlands 3 and get into the mix with a pretty active community today.

# 10 Horizon Zero Dawn

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Guerrilla Games was known for the Killzone franchise, but surprisingly they released a brand new IP during the PlayStation 4 generation called Horizon Zero Dawn. It ditched the FPS genre in favor of an all-new open-world RPG set in the distant future. Humanity has fallen and what was left of the metal era before has been long forgotten. Now humanity has shrunk to small native tribes giving way to the giant mechanical beasts that roam the world.

Players take on the role of Aloy, a young hunter who was an outcast as a baby. Taken in by another outcast and raised, Aloy's goal is to not only establish herself again in the community's tribe, but also to learn why she was an outcast as a newborn and from where. she was coming exactly. This game was so successful that it was the first Sony exclusive title to be ported to the PC platform with a sequel in development.

#9 Monster Hunter World

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Monster Hunter is a popular franchise and it's one that fans have continued to follow for years. The overall objective is more or less intact throughout each installment, as players actively hunt down giant monsters to acquire different resources or loot that could be harvested from the beast. With Monster Hunter World, the game removes areas and instead offers a bigger world for players to explore.

Not to mention that you can join friends for your hunts. Again, much like previous installments, players actively hunt a creature, study its movements, and use the necessary equipment to successfully take it down. This is currently the latest installment and as such you will find a fairly active community of players.

#8 Nier: Automata

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Nier: Automata takes place during a period in which a robotic attack leaves humanity fleeing Earth. Hoping to return to their home, humanity has engineered human-like androids designed to fight in this proxy war. Players take on the role of a combat android who can fight against these hostile enemies with hack and slash style mechanics. It's a well-loved video game title and if you've played it before, chances are you'll recommend it to others. There's even the Become as Gods edition which includes the previously released DLC among other in-game content such as cosmetic skins.

# 7 Bloodborne

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Bloodborne comes from the legendary development team FromSoftware, the studio responsible for the iconic Souls franchise. Following the same mechanics, this studio released a new IP called Bloodborne, which was a game released exclusively for PlayStation 4. In this game, players took on the role of a hunter who traveled through the city of Yharnam. .

It's here that we discover that the city has been cursed with some sort of unique disease, and players seek to figure out what's going on and eliminate all sorts of grotesque monsters along the way. It's a game that's been a big hit and many fans are hoping that maybe a Bloodborne successor will make a PlayStation 5 release. Speaking of PlayStation 5, there's a solid Souls game to pick up that we'll cover next.

# 6 Remake de Demon’s Souls

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Nous avons mentionné la franchise Souls à plusieurs reprises dans cette liste. It’s an immensely popular franchise, but some fans may have never played the original Demon’s Souls. That game came out back in 2022 exclusively for the PlayStation 3 so there was plenty of players that either missed it from not having a PlayStation 3 or simply just get into the franchise until moving on with Dark Souls. Fortunately, we have a remake available right now thanks to Bluepoint Games and it’s received some critical acclaim.

Bluepoint Games has delivered some solid remastered ports and remakes in the past, but this studio was able to bring out an incredible solid remake as a launch title to help give fans something to enjoy with the PlayStation 5. While the PlayStation 5 is still hard to come by if you happen to find a console then treat yourself with a copy of Demon’s Souls Remake along with it.

# 5 Hades

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

Another studio that was made mention a couple of times in this list was Supergiant Games, the people who made the likes of Bastion and Transistor. Their latest video game installment is Hades, another indie hit that’s certainly worth purchasing today. In their latest release Hades, players are thrown into the role of Zagreus, the son of Hades. The narrative adventure players are going through is another coming of age tale with Zagreus wishing to leave the depths of hell and sets off on an adventure to reach Mount Olympus above.

Of course, escaping hell is no easy task even for the son of Hades himself. As a result, players are will have an uphill battle to endure while maneuvering around the underworld. This is a bit of roguelike as you attempted to get through all kinds of hostile enemies while dying would take you back from the start.

#4 Mass Effect Trilogy

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

BioWare has had a strong line of iconic RPG titles in the past and one of the video game series that will continue to stand the test of time is Mass Effect. This trilogy was such a big deal back in the day as we were going through an epic adventure full of characters we’ve watched grow and the storyline adapts to the choices we made. While the third mainline installment didn’t end in a way that pleased everyone, which is a bit hard to do, it’s still a trilogy highly regarded, not only as a fantastic science fiction narrative but as an incredible RPG in general. You can go through the games individually, but this is one trilogy that might be best held off until we receive the remaster collection coming out later this year called Mass Effect: Legendary Edition which bring out an enhanced edition for players to enjoy on modern platforms.

#3 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, is one of those video games that just doesn’t go away, and for good reason. For a minute this was a title that felt like an ongoing meme as Bethesda continued to release ports for Skyrim on everything they possibly could. However, this is such a fantastic action RPG that you can easily get lost playing the title countless times. There’s the ability to craft up unique protagonists, countless quests to go through some of which were randomly found while exploring or reading in-game books.

So much lore and world design were put into Skyrim that it left us in awe of just what you would find in this lively world. We know it’s an older game now, the visuals are not going to hold up to some of the other games on this list, but you will be surprised by just how much this game could hook you in today. Fortunately, newcomers won’t have to deal with the loading times and bugs found in this game from when it initially launched.

#2 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

CD Projekt Red was at their height with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. So many fans around the world couldn’t wait to dive into this conclusion and it was clear that the developers took a ton of time building up this game. Visually the game was stunning at the time, there were countless quests and quite a few of them were so well written.

Fans looking for a high-fantasy RPG can’t get much better than The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The only problem some players may have today is if they go into this title blind without any backhand knowledge of this IP. So you might want to do yourself a favor and give a couple of YouTube videos a watch that helps breakdown the history of the past two installments to get you started for The Witcher 3 along with its DLC expansions.

#1 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

40 Best Action RPGs To Play In 2022

We all know that lists are objective, some of these points you’ll agree with and others you might not care for. The very same can be said about where they are ranked. However, I think the majority will find The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be ranking if not within the top number one spot then at least within the top five. Nintendo delivered an open-world Zelda title that puts players into the role of Link as he awakens from a slumber to find Hyrule is in peril.

With the threat of the Calamity Ganon breaking free and unleashing havoc once again. Players had communities to visit, characters to meet, quests to complete, puzzles to solve, and a slew of bosses to defeat. To quite a few fans of the franchise, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has become the absolute pinnacle of The Legend of Zelda franchise.

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