The best PlayStation 4 simulation games

The best PlayStation 4 simulation games
The best PlayStation 4 simulation games

From city control to rail transport, the PlayStation 4 has a number of great simulation video games to enjoy right now. We've picked out some of our favorite simulation video games on the console.

That said, we want to know your favorite simulators on the PS4 and titles to consider for a future update to this article. Let us know your favorite video game simulators by leaving a comment below. Also, since this list is quite diverse with different video games, we haven't listed them in any particular order.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the best PlayStation 4 simulation video games.

#20 Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

The Harvest Moon franchise has been around for decades, and you've probably played a game or two. This series as a whole is a simulation RPG with players generally tending to a farm. In Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, players are tasked with reviving the lighthouse in Harvest Town. Again, aside from the end goal, players will need to plant and harvest crops while maintaining livestock. Likewise, aside from running the farm, you can venture into town and participate in events or just communicate with the townspeople. Players will even be able to marry a villager and have a child. If you want to enjoy a more laid-back simulation video game, it would be hard not to easily sink a ton of hours into the Harvest Moon franchise.

#19 Project Cars 2

Slightly Mad Studios has had a very good track record when it comes to racing games as they debuted in 2022 with Need For Speed: Shift and continued with a variety of other titles ranging from arcade style racers to simulation games. You're probably familiar with the Project Cars franchise as it started in 2022, but it's since received a sequel in 2022. It's a car racing simulator that features over 100 different rack layouts, 60 unique slots and nearly 200 cars to choose from. of.

With a variety of elements playing a role in racing, such as track temperature or dynamic weather effects, playing Project Cars 2 felt even more realistic compared to the first installment. It even had the added bonus of offering off-road riding for those who prefer rallycross. Although it's one of the games that made it to our list, we might soon see it swapped out for the next installment of Project Cars.

#18 Farming Simulator Series

Farming simulators always seem to do a solid job in the gaming market. From Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley to Farming Simulator, there is definitely a market for these handyman simulator games. In Farming Simulator, players will experience a more modern feel of being a farmer.

Players will work hundreds of acres with over 250 vehicles and farming equipment. In the game, you will tame the soil to bring out a healthy harvest of crops while tending to the various farm animals on their farm. Similarly, much of the game will sell your possessions to help expand your land and gear.

#17 The Sims 4

The Sims franchise has maintained a strong following over the decades and The Sims' fourth main installment is its last. As always, the gameplay still revolves around controlling a group of individuals who live in the same house.

Players can also modify the house to replicate a design they particularly like, whether it's decor or completely revamp the layout of the house. Outside of the building side, Sims 4 players will still be able to adjust their characters' daily activities.

Similarly, The Sims 4 received four expansion packs to help bring new content for players to include in their designed homes, as well as adjusting gameplay aspects such as the intro to the toddler life in the game which was previously dropped before launch.

#16 Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines may not have been developed by EA Maxis, but it is certainly what most of its gamers and fans of the simulation/tycoon genre would consider the true successor to the Sim City game series.

Similar to the Sim City series, Cities: Skylines is a simulation title where players can build and maintain a city full of buildings and civilians. The game will allow players to control various zoning, road locations, taxation, transportation, and even utilities.

Of course, the game will also pose some problems for players. It could be as simple as focusing on your civilians' desires to natural disasters destroying sections of the city. Just like The Sims 4, Cities: Skylines also received a number of expansion packs.

For example, the Mass Transit expansion pack introduced new public transport systems to the game, such as cable cars and airships, as well as a mini-expansion called Concerts that allowed players to bring in new locations of events for concerts and festivals.

# 15 Programme spatial Kerbal

Kerbal Space Program lets players control a space program where your sole purpose and duty is to create functioning ships for a crew of Kerbals. With a collection of parts that will play an effect through the construction of a spaceship, players will learn how to successfully develop a spacecraft capable of going to space and landing on Earth.

There are a few game modes worth trying out. Not only is there a sandbox mode that will give players the ability to be creative and systematically conduct trial and error of various spaceship constructions, but also modes that will give players objectives and missions while traveling in space.

With a realistic physics engine, making a spaceship can be a challenge. Each part will need to be carefully placed, which may mean playing around with your gear for a while until it's fully ready for action.

#14 Prison Architect

Prison Architect is a construction and management simulation video game. Players have full control over the design of a private prison used to house multiple inmates. It is a top-down 2D video game in which players are not only tasked with designing and building a prison, but also managing the facilities.

Some of the management processes will include hiring staff such as a warden, guards, and other workers to keep the prison clean, orderly, and maintained. Additionally, players can adapt their prison to include a reform program to help improve an inmate's success rate upon leaving.

# 13 Tropico 5

The Tropico series has always put players in control of a country with an emphasis on being a government simulator. In the game, players will go through four different eras as Tropico throws down a number of objectives to complete.

As the leader of a country, players will have to manage various aspects, from keeping the people of the country in order, to happiness and prosperity. However, if you're not looking to go through a campaign or compete against other players, the game does feature a sandbox mode.

In this sandbox mode, a pre-generated island will be created for players to modify and control.

#12 Aven Colony

Overall, the narrative around Aven Colony is based on a human colonization of an alien planet. Because of this, you will have to face various risks, such as freezing night temperatures, alien plagues, and the happiness of your residents.

Essentially, Aven Colony is a futuristic take on something similar to the Sim City franchise. Players will build a number of structures that will not only help provide resources to keep your colony well fed and safe, but also a means of entertainment to keep civilian morale high.

In addition to providing water, oxygen, crops, and electricity, players will need to maintain a means of travel, crime fighting, and employment. As mentioned, the city settlement as a whole will have to fight off the various plagues and diseases that will spread across the planet, which may involve changing the way your city is overall built and controlled.

# 11 UFC 3

The UFC has exploded over the years and fans around the world tune in to see the various mixed martial arts fighters vying for a belt in this MMA franchise. Likewise, we've seen big family names pop up such as Conor McGregor. The video game market might not have a long list of UFC video games to look into, but the latest entry, UFC 3, is one that has managed to grab some attention. Similar to other sports games, each new entry just seems to make some fine tweaks for fans, but UFC 3 seems like a better experience overall.

As you can imagine, there are the usual game modes you'll find in any fighting game, but where you'll probably spend most of your time is career mode. This is where you will make a character attempt to succeed in the UFC. Outside of combat that feels smooth overall, there are a bunch of other aspects that go into your fighter. You will have to train in various areas of combat and sell the fight itself. This is done through social media, where you can globally hype or feud with another fighter.

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