Control: How to Start (and Earn!) The New Shipping Mode | “Set a Record” Mission Guide

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Control just dropped the new endgame expedition mode, and anyone can play for free right now. This is a challenging new add-on that drops you into a mysterious section of the oldest house, forcing you to face three levels of increasingly difficult combat scenarios. These missions are only for the hardcore hardcore, and they are seriously tough!

With this guide, I'll answer three questions about Expedition Mode – how to start it, what it even is, and how to win. It is actually surprisingly complex to explain what it is. It's a new challenge with random battles, a timer, and big rewards if you can complete.

And this thing is difficult. Like, ridiculously harsh. It's going to take a few tries to win, so let's get to it and I'll walk you through how expedition mode works.

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Collect your first token here.

How to start expeditions:

Go to Central Executive fast travel point and collect the small token on the metal cabinet right next to the circle. It starts on 'Put a record“Mission – go talk to Arish to start.

  • NOTE: You must have Levitation to start this quest. It is only available in the final part of Control.

Use Juke-box located in the nearby locked room after the Central Executive security checkpoint to begin the expedition.

Inside, follow the trail to Central Camp and enter through the green gate. Platforms will appear and you can access a new recording that reveals what is going on. Enemies will spawn and the timer will run out - you'll only have 25 minutes per expedition.

The Jukebox is now open.

What is shipping mode? How it works?

Upon return, Arish will provide more information. You need to use jukebox tokens to access the jukebox and go on expeditions – you can get more by spending the source (x1 for 10 / x000 for 3 / x25 for 000) or by completing the countermeasures from the administration board.

There are three difficulty levels to explore. Each level offers better rewards. You will need to unlock each level before you can visit them. Each level has a random modifier – some modifiers are better (or worse) than others!

  • 1 level: Costs 1 token – Rare rewards.
  • 2 level: Costs 3 tokens – Bonus rewards.
  • 3 level: Costs 5 Tokens – Absolute Rewards and Expedition Equipment Costume.

You have 25 minutes in real time to complete the four objectives at the four island locations and complete the level. You'll have infinite respawns on your level, but you'll fail after the 25 minute timer runs out.

There are special objectives on each island. You'll need to collect an item and defeat three waves of Hiss, capture three checkpoints, collect three Ranger Logs (listen for beeps), or destroy three Corrupted Items of Hiss in an oven. The objectives are always the same, so you can learn from failures or quickly find the objectives on return trips.

Grabbing strong enemies is one of the best ways to survive.

Tips to help you survive and win Expeditions:

  • After each objective, the enemies gain a level of danger. In the end, you will fight danger level 9 enemies at level 1.
  • Complete the waves objective first. The bosses are extremely tough! Do the checkpoint objective second. These are the most difficult and time-consuming objectives.
  • Use Sieze as often as possible! The tougher the enemy, the more you'll want to grab them. It's especially handy to grab enemies from healing orbs - they won't make you invincible, but they will make you much tougher.
  • Play defensively and let the enemies come to you. Don't rush outdoors - stay healthy for as long as possible. The more you are at 100%, the more health orbs will accumulate around the arena. When you're in trouble, you'll have a lot more health to grab.
  • If you keep failing, empty your mod inventory. You will find plenty of loot and rewards for completing each objective. Use these tricks in astral construction to create better mods for your weapons.

Keep trying! It might seem impossible, but once you learn how each objective works, you can complete everything (except the boss waves) very quickly.

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