40 Best Steam Mac Games to Play in 2022

The Apple Mac can have issues with video games, and while the gap is slowly closing, there are still limits on what's available. Some gamers need to create a Windows virtual machine to enjoy the titles while others are officially available. In this list, we are going to showcase the best games that you can play on your Mac through the official Steam digital market client. That said, let's put a few things online here. All listings are opinions, so you may find games and it's always possible that some of these games won't work on your Mac OS. Therefore, the mileage will vary here. So it's best to make sure your Mac OS and specific components meet the requirements for these games. Likewise, we're not ranking these games in any particular order, these are just a few video game recommendations that range from all sorts of different genres.

#40 Rust

Rust is a popular online survival game. Players start as a naked dweller on an island where they must gather resources, start crafting new equipment, build their base, explore the outside world, and loot more valuable resources. However, since this is an MMO survival game, countless other players can be friendly or hostile. It's a dog-eat-dog world, so it's hard to know who you can trust, who might scout a party to raid later, and what players will do to keep their party. alive, protected and nourished will probably keep you. on the edge.

# 39 Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley was a game inspired by the iconic and classic Harvest Moon franchise. With the indie developer feeling that Harvest Moon itself had begun to stray from its roots, Stardew Valley was born. It's a game that's very similar to those early Harvest Moon installments where players work on an old farm, focusing on building it. This ultimately means plowing the land, growing crops, tending your livestock, selling your possessions, and interacting with the townspeople. The game has exploded in popularity and it's a very laid back title to sit back and enjoy. Not to mention that multiplayer support has been added to the game, allowing players to work together on the same farmland.

#38 Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 is an RPG title set in the post-apocalyptic world. In this game, players control a command over rangers who help the world restore itself again after a nuclear fallout. As a leader, players venture their team across the harsh terrain and winter tundra of Colorados. In the game, players are tasked with building a base and starting a colony, but you'll find there are a lot more issues in the area that need attention. Here you will decide how to overcome certain obstacles and make difficult decisions, it could mean either being a praised leader to bring a colony to an abundant region of Colorado or becoming more of a tyrant.

# 37 Terraria

Many people compare Terraria to Minecraft. Where Minecraft allows players to take advantage of this randomly generated world to survive and create their creations in a 3D realm, Terraria sticks to an old school 2D aesthetic. In this game, players explore a randomly generated world where, again, like Minecraft, you can mine resources and create creations. However, you can participate in a few more combat encounters, such as large boss battles to give the game a lot more action. Players can also join and roam the generated world fighting enemies and building more bases. The game thrives on multiplayer so much that there's even a bundle option on Steam that allows players to get a discount by purchasing a four-pack of Terraria extra copies of which can be sent to your friends.

# 36 Subnautica

Subnautica was a hit survival game when it hit the market. In this game, players crash into an alien planet completely submerged in water. In hopes of surviving and potentially escaping this aquatic world, players must dive below the surface and search for useful resources. However, as with any survival game, there are vitals you'll need to keep track of, such as oxygen. Even if you have enough resources to keep your character alive in the depths of the ocean, players will still find hostile alien aquatic creatures lurking below. I also wanted to mention the release of the sequel Subnautica Below Zero, which is still in Early Access. The game once again immerses players in an alien planet, but now players must deal with a new environmental hazard and freezing temperatures.

#35 Elysium Disc

Disco Elysium puts players in the role of a detective who wakes up with a bad hangover and no memory of the night before. This is a top-down RPG title where players roam this world, meet NPCs, undertake quests, enter into conversations, earn experience points and unlock more skills to help you further during the game. game. Although it is a detective game, there are many RPG elements here to make decisions to change your way out of the world. Players can create their characters however they see fit, whether through more brute force or being a relatively clean cop.

# 34 Civilization VI

Civilization is probably a series of video games that we don't have to explain. It's been around for years, but there's still the latest installment, Civilization VI, which has plenty of expansions and updates to keep players playing. Much like previous installments, Civilization VI is a turn-based strategy game where players build a civilization from an ancient colony to a more modern nation. However, going from the early years of nationhood to world power is not easy. Players are constantly scavenging for resources, building their nation, defending it against hostile nations, or seizing an area by force. However, it is possible to establish a peaceful relationship with other nations and provide more diplomatic problem solving. Although this game has been released since 2022, there have been several updates and expansions offering more content to play over the past few years.

#33 7 Days To Die

7 Days To Die is a survival horror game that is currently in Early Access. This is a game that is more about base building as you are immersed in this world from a first person perspective. Here you have six days to really build a base and gather resources. With the undead to deal with, things are relatively tame until the seventh day when a massive horde of undead zombies begin to swarm the area. Your objective here is to survive and eliminate the dead as you go through the seventh day. If you survive, players can scavenge for resources again, repair their base, and make any necessary adjustments. There's quite a bit here for players to adapt to their base as well, which would give them the ability to create traps or more advanced defenses against the dead. Meanwhile, with player-hosted servers, there's also the added benefit of connecting online with friends.

#32 Hades

Hades is a wildly popular roguelike from indie development team Supergiant Games. You'll likely know these folks from their past works, including Transistor and Bastion. In Hades, players take on the role of the son of Hades who wishes to escape the hellish underworld. However, this is not an easy task as there are all sorts of goons and thugs out there looking to keep you locked away in the depths below. Each time our protagonist dies, the game will restart, but you will at least have the option of keeping the various powers and abilities unlocked from previous runs. This should make the game a bit faster. Since that game's release, we've seen Hades win countless accolades, and for good reason. If you haven't caught this hack and slash action game, do yourself a favor and pick it up today.

# 31 Garry’s Mod

It's a bit difficult to explain what Garry's Mod is. It's a physics sandbox game by definition, but the fun here isn't just playing with the physics engine, but creating your own game or downloading games created by others. There are all kinds of different games, from traditional shooters, role-playing games, mazes to the iconic hide-and-seek game mode. Despite being 2022 old, the video game continues to have a huge community of online gamers adding more and more mods into the mix.

#30 The Box 7 Party Pack

The box Party Pack includes several installments in the market, the latest being The box Party Pack 7. Just like the previous ones, this game offers several different online mini-games for players to compete against, whether it's trivia or more wacky drawings. Games. One of the best things about this game is the fact that only one player needs to own a copy of the game. All secondary players need is a way to connect to a web browser so another player can, for example, connecting via your computer to a smartphone. It's a simple game worth trying if you're looking for a board game experience.

# 29 Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 is quite an addictive tower defense game. The title places players in a maze-like map where a series of balloons will follow a trail. However, the game has a limit to the number of balloons allowed to enter and exit the track, which means you need a variety of weapons and monkey characters scattered around the map to successfully pop. passing balloons. Although, as the game progresses, the more difficult balls will appear and at a faster rate. Players are constantly changing their strategies and making the necessary upgrades to eliminate all the balloons long before they reach the exit.

#28 Evolved Ark Survival

Ark Survival Evolved is a survival game that is getting a sequel that is being worked on with the help of actor Vin Diesel. In this game, players are stranded on a mysterious island where they are forced to quickly adapt to the world in order to survive. Initially players will have nothing, it is up to them to figure out the resources they will need to keep their character alive, fight against hostile enemies and build their unique base. Since this is an MMO, there are other players to connect with as you venture out into the world, tame dinosaurs, and make progress in your base.

# 27 Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is still a game worth picking up today. It's an iconic four-player co-op zombie title where players are forced to complete a series of objectives, battling against waves of undead zombies, as they try to find an escape. The video game has continued to find support with an active online community, so outside of the main game campaign to play, there are a host of user-generated maps and campaigns to try out as well. It's surprising to see Valve not release the third installment in this franchise, but it looks like this game might find its way off the radar for gamers when the original IP development team releases its spiritual successor. Currently, Turtle Rock Studios is developing its Back 4 Blood video game to hit the market later this year, 2022.

# 26 The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls in general is a very popular video game franchise and although Bethesda continues to pump The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim into the market with each new platform to be released, we have something to hold on to until the next installment. main. . Bethesda is developing The Elder Scrolls 6, but for now fans can enjoy The Elder Scrolls Online. This is an MMORPG title that takes place in the same universe as the main IP installments, but hundreds of years before their events. Similar to the main games, players create their custom characters and upgrade their various skills or traits. Meanwhile, the game has a few main quests to complete as well as a ton of side quests to tackle. There are also expansions to give players more content, including expansions that take players to Vvardenfell from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind or Greymoor from the last mainline release, Skyrim.

# 25 Crusader Kings III

Set in the Middle Ages, players are given a grand strategy game to play in Crusader Kings III. There's a ton of content here and it's really up to players what they want to do. Become a lesser warrior and fight your way to conquering lands or play as a great ruler of a nation and try to stop things from falling apart quickly. It's a bit like Civilization in terms of gameplay, but there are a few more options here and it just lets the player decide what their own goals are.

#24 Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a roguelike-Metroidvania style game. In the game, players take on the role of a protagonist named Prisoner who must try to escape from a fortress, and just like a rogue-like when your health bar completely depletes, the character respawns at the start of the game. game with modified world. The combat is fluid and fast-paced with a variety of boss fights to fight along the way. It's definitely one of the most popular indie games to come out in recent years.

# 23 Counter-Strike: Offensive mondiale

Although Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or better known as CS:GO, has been around since 2022, this game won't slow down. The video game is an intense FPS where teams work together to try to eliminate the opposing team in a variety of game modes. From standard deathmatches to more tactical game modes, there is plenty to do to FPS fans. Fans have created a true love-hate relationship with this title, as you can instantly find yourself hooked on sinking thousands of hours here with teams of players working in certain competitive matches. Meanwhile, there is the constant barrage of tournaments popping up for this game with huge cash prizes up for grabs. You may never reach the level of an esports athlete, but chances are you'll have a little fun here. It's also best played with friends because, like any online MMO title, there are always toxic players who step in or even find a match or two with a few cheats. Still, when you find a solid match and a group of friends to play with, it's hard to get that match started.

#22 Portal 2

Chances are you know Portal 2, this video game sequel was an even bigger hit than the original installment. Here players are again thrown into the role of Chell who is forced to complete a series of challenging maze obstacles. With the use of the Portal Gun, Chell can create a teleport portal to reach different areas around the map. However, as the game progresses, the levels become even more challenging with moving platforms and turret guns that will fire at Chell. However, Portal 2's biggest improvement over the original version is the fact that it offers multiplayer support. With a slew of unique levels that will require the use of two sets of portals, players are really forced to think outside the box on how to complete these levels.

#21 Pinball House

One indie title that was a bit of a surprise hit was House Flipper and you can grab it on Steam for Mac. The video game is as expected, players buy a house, are forced to fix it, do renovations, and ultimately put it online for a profit. It's all you want to do in real life without the necessary financial spiral if too many things crop up, forcing you to invest even more money in the project. Players not only solve problems, but they can tear down walls, build walls, decorate the interior with new furniture, paint, accessories, and even improve the exterior with some needed curb appeal. When your hard work is done and you invest all the money you want for the construction, players can put the house up for sale and try to make a profit for your next flip.

#20 City Skylines

In line with the type of custom building theme, we have Cities Skylines. Here, we don't stick to a single house but to an entire city. This is a game where you can build a modern city with planning buildings, airports, ports, roads, power grid, basically anything you can imagine of a city, you can imitate it here . Of course, over the years, the developers have rolled out DLCs for players to further improve their city builds in various ways. If you can spare more money to buy DLC packs, the world can unleash natural disasters on their cities such as wildfires, floods and tornadoes, or players can delve a little more into the industrial side things with their cities.

#19 Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is a wacky multiplayer PvP game. Here, players take on the role of humanoid characters with goofy physics. Overall, the goal is to make everyone appear on the map based on environmental hazards. Here players can fight in hopes of knocking them out and from there you can dispose of your opponents by knocking them out of a moving truck, throwing them into a pit of fire or even throwing them into doomsdays. a giant skyscraper. It's a chaotic blast to play with friends and it was recently revealed that M1 Macs will be getting support this year.

#18 Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a game that looks a bit like Dark Souls, at least that's what the game is often compared to. Rather than being a grueling 3D action-adventure game, Hollow Knight takes place in 2D where players are buried deep in a world full of bugs. It's a brutal game with a lot of enemies, bosses and hard to beat platforms. Not to mention it features some Metroidvania with players having new powers that slowly allow them to reach new areas.

#17 American Truck Simulator

Truck simulator games are quite popular. If you've ever wanted to drive a truck for a living, you can at least experience what it would be like virtually. Here, players go through different freight jobs across America, with players having to plan their routes and drive their rigs across the country. It's a pretty well-done simulator experience as players will have to stick to speeds, make sure their loads are securely attached to their truck, make adjustments to their truck with their funds, and attempt to maneuver their rig in tight spots. . That said, this game can be quite long if you drive safely. There are even peripherals available to make the experience a little more authentic and immersive. Of course, there are other simulation games based in other regions, but to keep this list from being repetitive, we'll stick to just American Truck Simulator here.

# 16 Programme spatial Kerbal

If you ever wanted to try aerodynamics and rockets, we have a game for you. Kerbal Space Program is a title that allows players to control a space program featuring small alien crew creatures. Here players build rockets in the game and players can experiment for free. You will have to test your engineering to see if the ship even takes off from the ground, but additionally, how well it performs while flying in space. There's a ton of trial and error here, so expect a lot of failed operations. However, ever since this game was released, videos of other players' creations have been insane. We've seen everything from generic rockets to massive robots.

# 15 Cuphead

Cuphead has garnered a huge amount of attention online for its visuals, as the game resembles a traditional cartoon series from the 1930s. In the game, players will follow Cuphead and Mugman as they lose a bet to the Devil. Now before their souls, they managed to make a new deal. If the duo can go out and acquire their due souls, both can keep theirs. However, getting souls is difficult as players will not only go through some platforming levels but also intense boss battles. The game is a bit like an old-school platformer where the bosses are not only difficult but tend to have different phases. It's up to players to study the boss, learn its moves, and take out the enemy. Luckily, this game offers cooperative gameplay so players don't have to face those enemy boss fights alone.

#14 Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 is another board game we suggest you consider if you haven't already. In this game, players take on the role of cooks in a kitchen where you are forced to prepare specific dishes within a limited amount of time. Sounds easy, right? The catch here is that the kitchens are constantly moving with dangers and obstacles that force the group of players to work on each other's dishes while locked in different stations. As the dishes accumulate, players will need to communicate with each other about what they need help with in order to send the dishes on time. We suggest watching the sequel although there is also the first installment available.

#13 The Walking Dead

Telltale Games has released a slew of modern adventure games based on different established IPs like Game of Thrones, Batman, and in our pick, The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead was arguably their most successful video game series overall, as it immersed players in a new storyline based on The Walking Dead universe. I'll try not to spoil anything here that would keep you from choosing the video game titles, but overall gamers can expect an emotional journey full of twists and turns. Similarly, much of this game is based on player choices that will alter the narrative journey. Meanwhile, gameplay, aside from choices, is centered around exploration, puzzle solving, and QTEs. There are multiple games available in the series and it's over, which means players have the whole story that spans multiple installments of video games.

#12 Life is strange.

Continuing with story-driven video games, we can't forget Life is Strange. This is a game series that was first released through Dontnod Entertainment and currently features a prequel and a sequel, but we will focus on the first standalone title. In this game, players take on the role of a student named Max who returns home to attend a prestigious school. Here, she rekindles her friendship with a former childhood best friend named Chloe who struggled after Max left the town of Arcadia Bay. Meanwhile, Max discovers that she possesses a unique supernatural ability to rewind time, and it is with this power that our protagonist works with Chloe to uncover dark secrets the town has been hiding. Similar to Telltale Games' The Walking Dead series, this title focuses on solving puzzles and making hard choices that will alter the game's narrative.

# 11 Rise of the Tomb Raider

Almost everyone is familiar with Tomb Raider, the video game franchise has been around since the original PlayStation console platform and it wasn't that long ago that we received some sort of reboot. With Tomb Raider turning a vulnerable Lara Croft into the heroine we know and love, its sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider, delivers a solid action-adventure experience. The game is still a third-person adventure title in which Lara embarks on an adventure to uncover a mysterious artifact while actively competing against an evil corporation, but players can expect some beautiful settings to explore. There are enemies to contend with, hostile wildlife, and like any Tomb Raider game, a few supernatural elements are thrown in for good measure.

# 10 Hitman

Similar to Tomb Raider, another franchise that has been around for a long time is the Hitman series, and just like our previous point, it has also rebooted. In this game, players have a game where you step into a highly skilled assassin who is tasked with eliminating specific targets. However, with these highly protected targets, missions will require players to use their surroundings. You will have to stick to different disguises, hide bodies, plan your attack, eliminate the enemy target and get out of the area undetected. If you like stealth games, things don't get much better here and you should seriously take a look at the first reboot installment to see how you enjoy it before jumping into any of the successive installments.

# 9 Undertale

Credits: Toby Fox

Undertale is a pretty iconic indie RPG that you should play if you haven't already. In the game, players take on the role of a child who ends up getting stuck underground. Now, to get above ground and into the surface world, players are forced to explore the underworld. You'll find all sorts of unique characters here to encounter, and the combat is full of unique surprises. On some occasions, players can walk out of battle by talking with the enemy while some fights are based on a bullet hell type mini-game. I won't spoil anything here because again, it's quite a surprising game in what you'll encounter, as it's a lot like EarthBound if you're familiar with this iconic Nintendo RPG.

#8 Dirt 4

If you like rallycross, Dirt 4 might be worth picking up. It's a little more like a simulator-type game where you race through tough terrain against competitors, be they AI or online gamers. However, the main focus here is that if you're familiar with the Dirt franchise, most would say it's a bit harder game here. While you have a nice selection of tracks and cars at your disposal, it's all about how to maneuver through the tough races without damaging your vehicle or veering off course. That said, there are plenty of aids available to give newcomers a little easier time running.

#7 Kill Arrow

Slay the Spire is a bit of a unique RPG because it's based around card battle. In the game, players attempt to climb a spire with several procedurally generated floors. Using a combat mechanic system with a series of cards to use as attacks and defenses, players not only battle with their makeshift decks against their opponents, but seek out other collectible cards to add to their collection.

# 6 Dota 2

If you're looking for a MOBA experience, check out Dota 2. Developed by Valve, this multiplayer battle arena has exploded online, and players are much like what you'd expect from a MOBA game. It's very team-based with players working with a roster of characters as they fight against different minions, take down towers, heroes of opposing players, and eventually wipe out their base. With a wide cast of characters and plenty of strategies, it's best to start these games with friends or watch guides. Either way, once you get past the learning curve, Dota 2 is one of the most popular MOBA games in general, so you'll likely find an active community of gamers online. Also, I can't forget to mention that this game is free, so there's nothing stopping you from trying it out today.

# 5 War Thunder

War Thunder is an online based military war game. Players can battle it out here, but rather than playing as infantry, the game centers around vehicular combat. There are a ton of different vehicles here, ranging from different types of warships, planes to tanks, all of which vary based on when they were used in actual wars. Players have been able to dive into this game since 2022 and over the years the developers have continued to add more content to the mix. However, there is also a fair amount of DLC featured here depending on the type of vehicles you hope to use, such as vehicles from the USSR, USA, Germany, UK, etc. That said, it's a game worth trying because it's free. While you may be limited in terms of what you can use in matches, being free why not give it a chance?

# 4 BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite is another game that tends to be recommended for Mac users, although again some operating systems can run this game, so again, as mentioned at the start of this article, your mileage may vary here. That said, if you've never played BioShock games before, you can still dive into BioShock Infinite as a standalone experience. Here, players take on the role of an investigator who gets a job in an unusual steampunk makeshift town that flies above the clouds. As you search for a mysterious girl, the city proves to be thriving with social classes that keep those who play by their rules in strict regime order. Meanwhile, the combat is pretty exciting, with the use of supernatural powers that players can unlock with a host of guns and a grappling hook system that allows players to quickly traverse the map, there's a ton action-packed moments. I won't spoil anything more here, but apart from all that, the narrative is quite engrossing with a surprising twist.

#3 The Return of Obra Dinn

The Return of Obra Dinn is a bit of a puzzle game for players to solve. In this game, players find a ship that's been seemingly missing for years upon returning to a dock. Taking on the role of an insurance investigator, players are tasked with exploring the ship and figuring out what happened. With the entire crew dead, players work through how each member died and get the full story of what sparked this crew's madness to go after each other.

# 2 Firewatch

Firewatch is another modern adventure game, which most would call a walking simulator. In light of the actual mechanics, most of the game is linear, with players solving puzzles, exploring the area, and making dialogue choices. In terms of the narrative, players take on the role of a new fire watcher by the name of Henry. Set in the 1980s, the only communication Henry has with the outside world is simply his supervisor Delilah who can speak with Henry using a radio system from a nearby tower. As Henry begins to unravel his reasoning behind such an isolated job and Delilah explains what happened the day before the previous fires, the pair soon realize that they are not alone in this isolated forest. It's up to the players to find out who's in the forest and piece together what's going on.

# 1 Metro Exodus

One of the most recent video game releases for Mac at the time of writing this review is Metro Exodus. Here players step into the role of Artyom again in the year 2036. The world is a nuclear disaster with few survivors trying to get through another day with the harsh environment and mutated creatures that roam the world. Within the game narrative, players are taking their family along a journey using a train in hopes of finding some kind of a new stable life with other survivors in the East. It's a semi-open world where players can go through some exploration, with big first-person action sequences, a creepy atmosphere, and having to make some big decisions. I won't go on too much more than that since this is a newer release for those on Mac, but if you enjoyed the previous Metro games then you'll have just as much fun here as you did with the past releases.

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