PlayStation emulator discovered on PS4 MediEvil Remake

    PlayStation emulator discovered on PS4 MediEvil Remake
    PlayStation emulator discovered on PS4 MediEvil Remake

    The Sony video game console platform has been around for a long time. After debuting in the 1990s with the launch of the original PlayStation, Sony is now preparing for the release of its fifth home console launch, the PlayStation 5. Although there have been some issues with each console not Can't really offer also in terms of backwards compatibility, a new discovery has come out to show that the PlayStation 4 has an emulator that could allow enjoying the original PlayStation games.

    This month has been a big one for the hacking and homebrew community on the PlayStation 4 platform. It has been a few years since the last big exploit was released for the console which was for firmware 5.05. Now a new exploit has managed to achieve higher firmware. Not only can the community that is in favor of homebrew now update their console and play some of the newest video game titles, but it also opens up new discoveries.

    One of the findings is that there is an emulator in the video game title MediEvil. It turns out that the PlayStation emulator is used to run the original MediEvil game unlock and this could open the doors for original PlayStation games to be emulated on the platform. Of course, this is a relatively new discovery, so there are modders still trying to tweak things to see exactly what video games can be played.

    Currently, the list of playable games is a bit thin. In fact, there are very few games tested at the moment and although some titles can run without any problems such as Crash Bandicoot, you also have other iconic hits like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night that show big problems. Of course, over time there might be some tweaks that could allow a variety of new playable titles to run on the emulator program.

    Source: Psdevwiki

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