Rocket League Rocket Pass 5: Trailer Showcases New Batch Of Unlockable Maps

Developer Pysnuts has released a new trailer for its soccer-dating-soccer title - Rocket League, which focuses on Rocket Pass 5.

The new set of items and unlockables will go live on December 4 and will feature the standard 100 levels of new cars, decals, flags and more. Pysnuts has been really good when it comes to Rocket League, for a game as old as it is, it seems the developers and fans just aren't done yet.

Check out the new Rocket League – Rocket Pass trailer, below:

Similar to Fortnite's battle maps, Rocket League players will be tasked with completing new challenges, leveling up, and playing the game to earn new rewards and items. This new Rocket Pass, titled 3, will feature over 70 new items and a ton of challenges to complete each week. The price will be set at the usual price, at $10.

As I mentioned above, there will be 100 levels to unlock, each one bringing something new and fun to your gaming experience. As usual, there is a free Rocket Pass standard version and the premium version. Depending on what you want to unlock and which ear it will come back to you; should you buy premiums? Or should you stay on the free model? You decide! If you want to check out the full list of unlockables that can help you choose Premium or Free, click here!

Rocket League Rocket Pass 5 is set to begin on December 4. Are you excited for the fifth installment of the new unlockable program? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube

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