Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs - How to Breed Goats & Get Screaming Goats

    Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs - How to Breed Goats & Get Screaming Goats
    Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs - How to Breed Goats & Get Screaming Goats

    Goats are the new voted rude (and radical) mobs in Minecraft via community voting, and they're 100% adorable.

    There's a good reason you'll want to start your own goat farm - goats provide Milk and rare goat horns. Milk is the perfect ingredient for confections like cookies and cakes, and it can be used to eliminate condition issues. Goat horns are more difficult to obtain, as each goat will only drop two goat horns in total. Which is good, because you only need one per player. Goat horns can be used as an instrument, playing a loud raid horn to let your allies know when there's an alarm, or just to whet your appetite when you're invading a monster-filled tomb.

    Goats also don't drop meat, so don't even think about harvesting those nervous boys to feed yourself. The best you will get is milk. With the right items, you can also breed goats – and if you're really lucky, you'll find a screaming goat. They are like normal goats, but they scream a lot. Who wouldn't want one of them as a friend?

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    How to find goats Where the goats spawn

    Goats are exclusive to Bedrock Edition (for now) and will spawn in one of two biomes.

    • Caves and cliffs: part 1 – Goats will spawn in the extreme cliffs biome.
    • Caves & Cliffs: Part 2 – In December, after the release of the Part 2 update, goats will appear exclusively in the Snowy slopes Mountains subbiome.

    For now, goats are most likely to spawn in extreme cliffs. Later, they will only appear in the Snow Slopes biome.

    Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs - How to Breed Goats & Get Screaming Goats

    How to Raise Goats

    Goats breed like any other animal – using food on goats will spawn hearts, putting them in a “love” state. If another goat is nearby, the goats will spawn and spawn a baby goat.

    • hold Wheat to lure you a goat. Then use wheat on an adult goat so that it enters a "love" state. While hearts spawn around the goat, it will mate with another goat nearby. A baby goat after goats will mate!

    You can increase the growth rate of kids by + 10 % by feeding them wheat. For best results, build a small pen to put the goats in. Be careful, goats can jump very high! They are therefore difficult to keep in place unless you put a roof over their heads.

    What are goats used for?

    Goats have two main uses – besides being cute.

    • Obtain Milk using a empty bucket on a goat.
    • When a goat pushes down a solid block of stone, it drops a goat horn.
      • Goat horns are instruments you can use to sound a raid horn.

    Goats can only drop two goat horns each.

    Where to find screaming goats

    Screaming Goats are rare variants that produce screaming sound effects, and they are much more likely to hit the player or anything else in the environment. The Screaming Goats are currently bugged, so they will be never spawn goats that don't scream.

    • Screaming goats have a 2% chance to spawn in their natural biome.
    • Once the bug is fixed, Screaming Goats will have a 2% chance egg laying after breeding two non-screaming goats.

    Goats rarely appear in Extreme hills, and even then not very frequently. When part 2 As of December updates, goats will spawn exclusively in the Snowy Slopes sub-biome. By then, the spawn bug should be fixed and you'll be able to turn normal goats into screaming goats – 1/50 isn't too bad!

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