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There are countless MMORPG titles available on the PC platform, but things can be quite limited on console platforms. That's not to say you're out of luck, but you'll find that there isn't quite as much selection on Sony's PlayStation 4. Despite that, we've rounded up the best MMORPG titles that you can download and enjoy right now on the console platform.

# 8 Onigiri

Onigiri was released in 2022, where players step into an ancient Japanese fantasy world. This is a very anime MMORPG with its vivid and colorful cast of characters and gameplay. Without diving too deep into the narrative, the game follows players as they attempt to clear all sorts of monsters that have emerged in the world. You'll do this alongside other players and NPC characters along the way.

It's also a simplistic game where you'll hack and slash enemies, dodge and even block attacks. Meanwhile, there's quite a bit of loot to collect and trade for your character as well. We can't forget to mention that there was even an anime adaptation released a few years ago to give gamers a little more insight into the game world and characters.

#7 Star Trek Online

Star Trek is such a popular franchise that it wasn't much of a surprise to see a Star Trek MMORPG finally hit the market. Star Trek Online is set decades after the events of the movie Star Trek: Nemesis where the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire once again found themselves in a great war. In the game, players will take on the role of a captain who controls their ship as they venture into space.

Meanwhile, players can descend on different planets and explore them as a traditional third-person RPG title. The game was originally a premium title, but has since become a free-to-play video game. It certainly has a fan base, but it will only appeal to gamers who are already interested in the Star Trek franchise. Still, it's a game that's supported today with content for seasoned fans and newcomers alike. So you'll have plenty of gameplay readily available if you're just getting started.

# 6 Neverwinter

Neverwinter is a game that has also been around for a while for players to enjoy. Released in 2022 originally for PC, PlayStation 4 platform gamers finally got a chance to try this game in 2022. It is another fantasy style video game but based on Dungeons & Dungeons franchise. Dragoons. expect the same style of gameplay as something like World of Warcraft, which is arguably the greatest MMORPG available but sadly not something that was made available for console platforms.

The gameplay itself is a bit like an action MMORPG with a selection of classes that will basically tell players how they're going to get through the game, like Barbarians being a tank destroyer while Rogue being fast and stealthy. As mentioned, this title has been around for a few years now, but it offers quite a bit of in-game content for purchase, which can further boost your gameplay, otherwise you'll endure a bit of work to progress. For some, that might not really be a deal breaker, but others might pass up that title. That said, being a free-to-play video game title, it's worth trying to see for yourself.

#5 DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online is an MMORPG where players are immersed in the world of DC Comics but as a new original character. You will have the option to decide if the character is a hero or a villain and from there they can adjust their character's cosmetics. This will eventually lead to polishing your character with their unique powers before you are released into the world. This game has had mixed reviews online, but being a free-to-play title, it's a game worth at least trying for yourself to see if it's worth the investment. 'silver. That said, if you enjoy the game, there's a ton of content to browse.

Since the release of the game in 2022, it always finds support with several new events called episodes in this game. Some episodes deal with certain characters, factions or groups, so you can very well get content based on your favorite DC Comics character. With Dimensional Ink Games' development studio approaching forty episodes, you'll find there's plenty of gameplay available for newcomers. This does not include seasonal events that the developers will sometimes offer players and if you want to continue having fun outside of the game there is a comic book series known as DC Universe Online: Legends which gives a little more context about the world. , however, it should be pointed out that the series was limited and therefore ended.

# 4 Tera

Tera has been around since 2022, so it's a fairly established title. However, it wasn't until 2022 that the game finally saw a launch on the PlayStation 4 platform. Just like with most MMORPG titles, players can choose from a good range of races and classes. There's also quite a bit of customizing your character before the game drops you into the world. It is also an action-RPG game style where players move freely and unleash a wave of attacks against an enemy. That's one of the great things that players got about this game is combat, because each class offers something a little different.

Unfortunately, you'll probably have to spend a lot of time looking through online guides to see how each character class should play. Other than that, there are areas to explore and a good deal of dungeon crawling that you can team up with a group to quickly get through the various enemies and boss fights. Again, like other MMORPG titles, some are difficult to clear certain storyline progressions or level up your character, which can be done a little faster if you spend some in-game cash. Not to say you have to spend any money, but you can either prepare for a bit of work or use the various in-game events that appear to further enhance your experience.

#3 Dark Desert

Black Desert was one of those games that got a lot of attention when it launched. It was a game that had a ton of great visuals, action combat, a dynamic weather system, day and night cycles, all wrapped up in a high fantasy setting. Since the launch of the game, many players have been getting into the game regularly. Most would find the character creation to be pretty amazing as you can change your character model a bit.

There's also a host of different missions to take on, with combat being more of a hack-and-slash style of play. For some this can be quite fun as there aren't many strategies to keep in mind when going into battle, but it can also get a bit repetitive. Not to mention that there were issues with players experiencing frame rate drops. That said, there was a prequel game in the works also called Crimson Desert, but it has since been changed to its standalone title. Sadly, it's also a game that launches for last-gen platforms, so you won't find it on the PlayStation 4. Despite that, if you like Black Desert, this might just be a title for you. also keep an eye out.

# 2 The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls franchise has been around for decades. Players can't get enough of this high fantasy gameplay where players are on a grand journey, meeting interesting characters, going on quests, collecting loot, and further tweaking their character with gear or skills. Although the franchise has been stuck for a while with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, those of you who wanted a little more content to chew on before the next mainline installment had the option of joining The Elder Scrolls Online. . This game was originally released on PC in 2022, but has since been made available on console platforms, much like the PlayStation 4.

Although the game plays out similarly to other installments of The Elder Scrolls, it is only available online with players logged in. That said, it's worth noting that while this game does go live, there are plenty of quests and content for players who want to go at their own pace as a single-player experience. You will find that this game will be set on the continent of Tamriel, but a millennium before the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Players will be able to choose their race and embark on the quest that is essentially the fate of the world, but there are still plenty of quests to undertake and your protagonist can venture out alone to explore the world. Meanwhile, it should be noted that there are several different DLCs in the game for players to get more new content, new quests and of course new areas to discover.

# 1 Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy is such an iconic JRPG franchise that almost everyone has delved into the IP at some point. One of the most popular online titles in the franchise is Final Fantasy XIV and it is a game that is still supported and enjoyed by a ton of gamers on the PlayStation 4 platform. Now that can be a Bit long for newcomers as this title comes with several expansions that expand on the storyline and quests, but most fans will probably tell you it's worth it. Still, you can expect the typical MMORPG tropes.

There are plenty of quests to participate in, exploration, character creation, a variety of skills, loot, and an out-of-this-world storyline to keep players logging in regularly. Even if you've never played a Final Fantasy game before and this would be your first real step-in, there shouldn't be anything to pull you away just because of its title.

It is a standalone experience with a unique storyline and characters. That said, there are a few editions available for purchase on the PlayStation 4 platform. It might be worth starting with the free trial which would give you the chance to reach level 60 in the game, but some restrictions additional apply. In the meantime, if you want the full game available now while still getting a month of free play, it's worth looking into Final Fantasy XIV: Complete Edition as it will come with the base game as well as the skill packs. Heavensward, Stormblood and Shadowbringers expansion.

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