Halo Infinite Beta: How To Skip Tiers After Buying The Premium Battle Pass | Guide to the 25 free levels

If you purchased the Premium Battle Pass in Halo Infinite, you're probably wondering where your 25 free levels are. After buying the Premium Battle Pass Bundle, instead of automatically applying boosts and instantly skipping levels up to 25 Battle Pass Tiers, you have nothing left. It's a rather odd choice from 343 Industries. Instead of just giving you the levels, you have to apply manually sound XP Grants. We'll walk you through the process below. It's very simple, but I don't know why these extra steps are even necessary, we don't blame you at all.

Halo Infinite is now available in open beta, nearly a month ahead of the full December 8, 2022 release date. , floating, with burly, energy-protected big men unloading ridiculous amounts of bullets into each other, fighting for a single solitary kill. It's great to dive back into Halo, and if you want to skip those tiers after buying the Premium Battle Pass, you definitely need to know how. XP grants work.

The The Premium Battle Pass is $10, and comes with 100 XP grants, which are separated from Boosts d’XP. Here's how to access it.

How To Apply For XP Grants | Win your 25 free levels

If you purchased the Premium Battle Pass, you'll see the description says you'll get 25 free level skips – as in, you'll instantly earn enough XP to level up 25. There are 1-100 levels in the Season 1 Battle Pass, and you won't get any benefits automatically. You might think you are missing your free tiers or something is wrong.

Instead of automatically applying +25 levels, you will have to apply XP grants manually. By buying the Premium Battle Pass, we will give you 100 XP grants, which are sufficient to skip 25 levels. You can go from level 1 to level 25 instantly.

  • How to get your level +25 jumps: In the Multiplayer menu, access the Battle Pass -> Boost -> XP Grants
    • You will have 100 XP grants. Use the 100 to gain +25 levels.

Some players report that their XP grant selection is grayed out — if this happens to you, restart Halo Infinite or reset your internet connection. Halo Infinite may take a moment to reconnect and confirm that you have purchased the Premium Pass. The game is currently crashed by tens of thousands of players, so some server functions may be slow.

Don't forget that you have 100 battle pass levels to earn, you might want to save those XP grants for the future. Currently, players are struggling with extremely low XP rewards given by Daily/Weekly Challenges. The only way to earn Battle Pass XP (for now) is through daily/weekly challenges, and some players report taking up to 4~XNUMX hours of constant play just to earn a level or two. You do not gain XP by completing matches. We will see how long this change will last. Until then, these XP grants are extremely valuable.

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