Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach Walkthrough | 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Stuck all night at the Pizzaplex.

Five Nights at Freddy's gets a serious shine in Security Breach, a new first-person horror game that puts you in control of the direction as you evade a group of increasingly deranged automatons. Freddy and the gang are all there, along with new enemies to carefully avoid using security cameras as your only tool. In essence, this game is actually a spiritual successor to Alien Isolation - but with many features of its own. You'll carefully sneak through the detailed hallways with your flashlight, of course. And you'll have to fend off waves of marauding robots as they try to break into your safe room. Yes, a bit classic Five Nights gameplay weaves through.

It's not just a scary game. It is a scary game that you must fully explore if you want to escape. To help everyone (and parents), we've put together a comprehensive overview detailing every terrifying hour of your journey through the Mega Pizzaplex. Your kid gets stuck after closing time and you'll have to survive until 6am. It's six and a half hours in a playground filled with killer robots. At least Freddy Fazbear is nice this time. We'll see how long it lasts.

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Walkthrough | 12:00 to 1:00

Walkthrough | 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Welcome to Security Breach! At first, you'll pop out of Freddy Fazbear's robotic chest cavity and help him break free. Start by collecting the Fazwatch. With this, you can track cameras, check the map, read messages, and check your mission progress.

Mission: Free Freddy

To free Freddy, use the button on the wall to the left of the arcade machine in the corner of the room. This opens the door to the back room. Enter (don't miss the Save Station) and climb the crates to the right of the Save Station to reach the vent.

Crawl through the vent until you exit into the hall. There are clear views from every member of the group — don't worry, they can't get you yet! Stop to visit Chica, Montgomery, Roxanne and Freddy before leaving. Exit through the shuttered door on the other side of the room. (All other doors are locked. You will need the Backstage pass, which we won't get until much later.)

In the hallway, use the gift under the Freddy standee to acquire the Pass photo. Return to Freddy's room and interact with the door to the left of the glass.

Mission: get out

Return to Freddy's chest and head to the door to the left of the shutter we just used. Look for a door marked with a Red Fazbear silhouette, with a sign that says utility tunnels. In the tunnels, Freddy will take control and walk you to the nearest first aid station - basically just to ask about cache. Use the station to hide, and watch for hideouts all over the rest of the Pizzaplex.

While you hide, the security guard will confront Freddy. After the cutscene, go back into Freddy and back into the main tunnel. Continue deeper down the hallway and go right at the end of the hallway. Go up the stairs and you will have to leave Freddy when he runs out of energy.

Your next goal is Hall. You will have to go there alone. Forward you go Meet Chica. Interact with the pile of cans to distract her, then sneak into the bathroom and walk past her. As long as you stay low and sneak around, she'll never spot you here.

Keep going until you reach a Save Station in the green/pink corridors. Ahead, Montgomery will appear in the utility hallway. There is no hiding place! Just run. Run down the hall, take a right, then go up the stairs to the left. Chica will also appear. Sprint up the stairs until you reach the first one Security room.

  • In the Security room, use the green button on the desktop to unlock the Cameras tab On your Fazwatch. You can now browse cameras to check before you. You can even check the cameras while you hide so you know when the coast is clear.

Stalker: Chica – Chica patrols the halls in a clockwise direction. Sneak up behind her, staying low and slow, using the cameras to watch her. When she turns around, there's a chance she'll spot you - all animatronics are surprisingly good at spotting you. If they see you, they will attack. Use the cameras for the safest way down the hall.

After escaping Chica, you will reach the Hall. Dash to the main entrance... and the shutters will close, locking you in for the night. You will have to survive until 6 am. Your journey through the Pizzaplex has just begun.

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