Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach Walkthrough | Fix the robot's head, stop Roxy and get out!

We are up on the last hour of Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach. From 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m., we have a major task to complete: eliminate Roxy and steal her strange glowing eyes. All you have to do is survive until 6.00 p.m to escape the Mega Pizzaplex, but it's especially difficult this time around. To defeat Roxy, we will have to explore the West Arcade. It is DJ Music Man’s kingdom, and he is one of the most terrifying enemies in the whole game. This huge robotic arachnid walks on walls, throwing arcade machines to block your escape. He poses a huge threat and getting through his archway is one of the toughest tasks in the entire game.

This makes taking out Roxy seem like child's play. Our goal is to fix the broken go-kart robot head so we can race on the tracks. It's all part of an automobile plan to eviscerate Roxy. Each of the large automata has an upgrade we can install on Freddy Fazbear, but we can only select two out of three before the timer hits 6am. Upgrading Roxy is necessary to find some of the game's biggest secrets, so let's start with her upgrades.

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Walkthrough | 17:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Mission: Roxy's Weakness

For our next objective, we will Roxy Racetrack on the west side of the Atrium. Enter through the construction area and go through the door on the left, leading to a long hallway. One door is the Monty door and the other is a Chica door. Ride Freddy to browse which one applies to you - we've got the chica voicemail, then go up the ramp on the left.

As soon as you enter the (huge) main hall of Circuit Roxy, don't miss the Save Station next to the door. From the entrance, go left and down the stairs near the left wall, then stick to the wall until you reach a construction area in the back left corner of the room. There is a large blocked door leading to the Sinkhole. On the right you will find a memo with a hint about how to beat roxy.

Behind the memo, at the bottom of the checkout lane, a bot will scare you! He also lowers his head. Take it damaged head – Next, we need to repair the damaged head. We now have two objectives.

  • Repair damaged head: You can repair the damaged head in the West Arcade.
  • Get the dance pass: The West Arcade is locked. To get the Dance Pass, search the garages of Roxy Racetrack.

To make exploring here easier, go to the central garage on the first floor of the track. There is a Freddy charging station here which makes exploring much easier.

Dance pass location: Go to the lower level of Roxy's Raceway. Face the entrance to find the garages - go to the party garage on the far left (southeast). There's an abandoned party inside, along with a gift containing this pass.

Mission: Fix the robot's head

Go to Security room West Arcade — the entrance is on the third floor. Take the elevator and use the save station from the start.

To find the security office, go up to the second floor and reach the red door on the north side, near the inner hallway. There are no stalkers here at the moment unless you get caught by the security bots. It's empty for now.

From the entrance, go up the stairs on your left to the top floor. Then head to the karaoke rooms and follow them north to the red security door. the main repair station is located in the security office.

The security office is through the red door at the end of this upper floor.
  • NOTE: When you reach the Security office door, sprint towards the Save Station and use it! The power is going to go out soon, so you'll want to save up first.

How to restore power: Get too close to the main repair station, and the power will be cut off. To restore power, we need to go to the dance floor and hit the first circuit breaker. The DJ Booth with the first breaker is back on the ground floor near the entrance to this area.

The bullies: Chica and Monty – Chica patrols the upper floors near the karaoke rooms, while Monty patrols the main arcade downstairs. Chica can be knocked out by the laser, but it doesn't work on Monty. Monty is much slower, so it's easier to escape just by running away. Monty's trick is that he can jump to grab you, but if you run and hide he will lose you.

The DJ Booth is located on the north (ground floor) of the entrance elevator. You'll find DJ Music Man sleeping in the DJ Booth - activating the first circuit breaker will do DJ Music Man spring to life!

Stalker : DJ Music Man – In addition to the other two stalkers, DJ Music Man go hunt you! He sticks to walls and floors, and DJ Music Man can't catch you while you're hiding. He can't get you into the toilet. Remember you can knock Chica out with the laser and you can safely run away from Monty without him catching you.

After activating the circuit breaker, you will need to find three more circuit breakers and activate them to restore power completely, while Monty, Chica and DJ Music Man chase you.

  • Breaker #1: In the back room of the west bathroom, first floor of the arcade. It's in the hallway.
  • Breaker #2: In the main arcade area where Monty is patrolling. Find the circuit breaker on the northeast wall.
  • Breaker #3: The last circuit breaker is on the top floor, directly above the second circuit breaker. You can activate the circuit breakers in any order you want.

After the bathroom breaker, DJ Music Man will appear and try to reach the bathroom. Exit through the right door to escape! For the second breaker (Lower Arcade), flip the switch and immediately hide in the stroller nearby. Finally, head up the stairs and keep the laser gun ready to zap Chica. Sneak up to the last circuit breaker and flip the switch. Hide immediately again!

  • NOTE: The three circuit breakers appear on security cameras, so you can easily find them and plan your route. Personally, I think the easiest way is the one described above.

Complete all three breakers, then return to the security office. The last circuit breaker is at the end of the corridor, in the immense Maintenance corridor. The hallway is safe — until you flip the circuit breaker. DJ Music Man seems to be chasing you! DO NOT LACK OF ENDURANCE. DON'T GO INTO THE RED. Go back to security office to finally end this difficult sequence.

Use Save Station back to security office, then use the main repair station to get your repaired head. Now we can finally eliminate Roxy.

Mission: Stop Roxy

Return to Roxy Racetrack and go to the construction area on the right as you enter the main hall of the racecourse (east wall) – place the repaired head on the kart near the Save Station to initiate Roxy's withdrawal. Don't forget to save!

After placing the head, a cutscene will begin showing how Roxy is totally destroyed. Greg crashes the right kart into Roxy! Once you have regained control, enter Roxy's eyes – and of course, she is not defeated yet. Use the Save Station in the basement.

Stalker: Blind Roxy – Once you approach the ruined wooden door, Roxy will knock! She can't see, but she can hear you intensely. Instead of her normal attacks, she leaps forward blindly. We will use this to our advantage.

  • For the first gate, Roxy gets high through it automatically after pressing the button. Enter the room and crawl into the hole to your left. If Roxy smashes the wooden door in front of you, back up and use her to get around it.
  • Then sprint and enter the next hole on your left, leading to another door that must be broken. Stand in front of the door and walk (without sneaking) to trick Roxy into jumping. When the door is kicked in, run inside.
  • In the boiler room, you have to run in a zigzag. Hot zones cannot be crossed, so run alongside them and advance where it is safe. Use nearby distractions to slow Roxy down.
  • At the bottom of the boiler room, there is a vent. Open it and crawl to escape.

Once you're out of the vent, head upstairs and call Freddy to safely reach a Save Station. On a Roxy's eyes, so we just need to upgrade Freddy!

Mission: Improve Freddy

  • WashingtonANNÉE: This is the point of no return. You can now fully explore the Pizzaplex while saving the game. If you want to search for collectibles, I recommend creating a separate save file before completing this mission.

Back to Parts and Service area through the Main scene elevator and play another Simon Says mini-game. Save before you try it! When you're done, we're ready to escape you from the Mega Pizzaplex.

Once you have selected " Complete the upgrade from the computer, the escape sequence begins.

Mission: Get out!

You have a limited time to escape from the Pizzaplex. For a safe escape while riding Freddy, follow this route.

  • From Parts and Service, go through Roxy's door and use the elevator to reach her room in Rockstar line.
  • Exit the room and go left - enter through the large shuttered door and follow the path to the Atrium.
  • Go up the escalator stairs at the back of the Atrium 2F to the elevators and take them down to the Hall.
  • Du Hall, go down the stairs to reach the main entrance.

And that's all! Approach the doors and you will have a choice. You can complete the game now or stay to unlock other endings. We're always hungry for alternate endings, so this walkthrough will continue past this point. I select " Rester– if you want to escape now, go ahead and enjoy your neutral ending.

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