Bloodborne Demake is coming to PC early next year

The world demands more Bloodborne. FromSoftware's PlayStation 4 2022 title continues to wow audiences with its difficulty, unmistakable atmosphere and global design, cited by many as one of the greatest games ever made. As modders continue to improve the title's already amazing graphics and rumors of remakes and sequels spread, one ambitious creator has decided to take the road less travelled. Why make Bloodborne look more realistic when they could make it look more retro? Why not do a demake instead of a remake? There's nothing wrong with wanting to go back in time to the PlayStation 1 era, and Lilith Walther is making that dream come true for free!

Now slated for release on January 31, 2022, the PlayStation 1 demake will be exclusive to PC. A new trailer, fittingly, was released on Halloween, and while the game only includes Bloodborne's first realm and ending after the second boss fight with Father Gascoigne, there's no doubt that a ridiculous amount of work went into making it a reality. Everything from the weapons and beasts to the movements of the main character have been redone with this old school aesthetic. For a fan project, that's amazing.

Check out the trailer here:

The creator also uploaded a video showing the first ten minutes of the demake, with the PSX splash screen and Bloodborne title screen to boot. The character creator is still functional and the sound effects will take you back to simpler times. In a thread that breaks down some of the design elements seen in the images, Walther mentions the addition of an "adventure game" style camera for more investigative moments, like finding the abandoned doll for the first time. Walther has been working on the single player demake since 2022, and I can only imagine how exciting it is to see the creation so close to release. One thing is certain: the Internet loves it.

Bloodborne was originally released in 2022 for PlayStation 4. Over the past year, rumors of a remake or current-gen port have reached fever pitch, though no official statement has been made. The Bloodborne demake will be released for free on PC on January 31, 2022.


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