Marvel's Avengers: How to Find and Play as Spider-Man

Everyone's favorite web-slinger is finally available in Marvel's Avengers. After many delays, Spider-Man is here and he's fully playable. Oddly enough, the process for unlocking Spider-Man is completely different than other new characters that were dropped after release. Black Panther, Hawkeye, and Kate Bishop all have their own little stories and unlock immediately from the Avengers Initiative mode. Spider Man? It needs to be unlocked, although you don't have to deal with in-game puffs to get in the way. Follow the quick guide below and you'll be exploring the walls right away.

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How To Unlock Spider-Man | Bonus playable character

Spider-Man isn't a separate DLC download – it's included with the latest update. If you have updated the game, Spider-Man can be unlocked.

  • How to unlock: Access Avengers Initiative from the main menu. Travel to Helicarrier social space.
    • On the bridge with the War Table, go to the front of the room. At the window, check the left window (up the stairs) for cobwebs on the glass. Investigate cobwebs to reveal Spider-Man's backstory.

After the cutscene, Spider-Man will be revealed as a playable character. No mission required! You can start playing like him - he's got his own Chain of heroic missions. Playing through the mission chain will help you gain a ton of power. Seriously, it will go from PL 1 to PL 50 in no time.

It's not exactly a scenario. Unlike other new characters Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, and Black Panther, Spider-Man doesn't have an operation. An Operation is a more story-based event, with unique encounters and levels that lead to an exciting finale. Spider-Man's chain of heroic missions is more like a series of random challenges to complete. Stuff like "Web up Exo, Adapted, or Teleport Enemies: 0/6" or "Defeat Airborne Enemies: 0/20" - the kind of busy work Live-Service games are infamous for.

Completing Spider-Man's Heroic Mission Chain Unlocks His Iconic suit, a cool updated version of her outfit that fits everyone's high-tech makeovers a bit better. At least when you start with Spidey he has his classic spandex. This old outfit never goes out of style.

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