Ghost of Tsushima Cover Art Sparks PC Release Rumors

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There's a new rumor that the next PlayStation exclusive coming to PC is Insomniac's Ghost of Tsushima. We all knew there would be more of these games on PC, given the reception of previous PS4 ports. The evidence for this rumor may be somewhat flimsy, but it's backed up by context, if nothing else, and Sony's history of porting its games to PC.

Admittedly, when I tell you what sparked this rumor in the first place, you might think the hype is a bit out of proportion: eagle-eyed fans have noticed that the game's cover art has been updated to remove the words "Only on PlayStation." The fact that the game no longer claims to be…well, it's only PlayStation that has led fans to believe that Insomniac's title is gearing up for a PC release.

This is supported by the fact that Sony has confirmed its interest in bringing more PlayStation exclusives to PC. We also know there will be an Uncharted 4 PC port. That said, it's far from the only PlayStation game that doesn't have the "only on PlayStation" branding. Most PS5 game covers don't have it - check out the box art for Ratchet & Clank: Rift aside, for example. So take speculation with a bit of a grain of salt.

Tsushima would join a number of past PlayStation exclusives that have come to PC via Steam or other game stores. Titles like Horizon Zero Dawn, Death Stranding, and Days Gone have also made their way to PC over the past few years. It looks like Sony is finally figuring out that there's a large audience for its games that could give them some juice a few years after they hit consoles.

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