Black Ops Cold War: Zombies – How To Upgrade To All 4 Wonder Weapon Variants | Die Machine Guide

Getting your new magic weapon is just the start of Black Ops Cold War: Zombies. There are four different elemental variants that you can unlock by completing short side quests. You can only get one at a time, so choose wisely and work with up to four friends if you want to use them all.

Quests are completely secret and in-game tutorials won't help you The machine, the remake/reboot of the original Call of Duty Black Ops map with endless hordes of zombies. The card includes a Night of the Living Dead section to explore, but quickly reveals darker secrets in the subway below.

There are lots of fun things to find and weird quests to complete. Grab your wondrous weapons, because we're going to upgrade these babies with powerful new effects.

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All 4 Wonder Weapon Variants | PASS AWAY. Nova 5, thermoplastic, electrobolt and cryo-emitter

[[Work in progress: Pictures and more info soon!]

Before you can unlock the variant elemental builds of the DIE Shockwave, you must first complete these steps.

  1. Light up Engime & unlock the Pack-a-Punch.
  2. Get the DIE Shockwave by completing the Megaton Key side quest and loading the DIE machine with souls.

Once you get the DIE Shockwave after charging it with souls in the Living Room de Night of the Living Dead, you can start one of these four additional quests to get a variant of the Wonder weapon.

How To Unlock The Cryo-Emitter DIE | Variant of ice cream

Go to the roof of Night of the Living Dead, called the Penthouse, and look on the roof ledge for a box to the left of the covered area with the green tarp and hanging lights. Shoot that box with the DIE Shockwave.

The box will drop a Ball Pond area. Go down and pick it up - note the fungus covered tree near where you pick up the flask. Draw a Megaton and have met explode the mushroom with its radioactive attack.

Now interact with fungus à place the bottle below. After a period of time (currently unknown), you will need to retrieve the bottle and take him to Medical Bay Establishment.

Find it small box covered in chains on the ground floor of the Medical Bay, lower/middle level near the Particle accelerator doors. Interact to use the flask and remove the chains – interact with the box again to win PASS AWAY. Cryo-transmitter.

How To Unlock The DIE Electrobolt | Lighting variant

With the Shockwave DIE equipped, enter the Dark Aether portal located under the Pack-A-Punch, under the stairs in the Particle accelerator bedroom. In the dark ether you will have to collect three crystals with the DIE Shockwave suction alt-fire. You have to collect 1 crystal per trip in the Dark Aether. You can collect these crystals in any order.

  • Crystal locations:
    • Pond: Found near the Mystery Box, on the way to the facility tunnel.
    • Crash site: On the right side, on the way leading to the tunnel of the Ease.
    • " Bedroom ": In the Nacht Der Untoten area, look above the Stamin-Up machine.

After sucking a crystal, back to the particle accelerator bedroom in the lower southwest corner of the bedroom. Shoot the crystal in this box – you need to repeat the process with the 3 Dark Aether Crystals.

Hit it with all three and the box will open. Interact to win MOURIR. Electrobolt.

How To Unlock The DIE Nova 5 | Toxic variant

Go to the roof of Night of the Living Dead area and reach the Mezzanine. In the small room under the light you will find a Bottle. Use the alt-fire the DIE Shockwave to retrieve it. Bring the container to Weapons Lab Establishment.

Weapons Lab, look in the right corner of the suspended plan. Interact with the oblong device with pipe once at insert the container. Then draw a Fish dog enemy near the device and kill him.

Collect the canister and come back to Crash site and find a small box on the exterior walls of Night of the Living Dead structure near destroyed airplane wing. Interact with the box to use the canister and collect the Nova 5 variant.

How To Unlock The Thermophasic DIE | Variant of fire

Before you can start this variant quest, you must Travel through all 3 Dark Aether fast travel portals. A different portal will appear each time you enter Dark Aether.

Go to Pond outside Night of the Living Dead et use the Dark Aether portal here. In the dark ether, find the little box near the gate Crash site. For the next games, you will be on a tight deadline.

  • Mix the small box in the Dark Aether Crash Site to collect the Fuse.
  • Sprint to the Facility – Weapons Lab et use the plasma cutter en face de la machine perk.

Sprint to the Crash site et interact with the cash register through the rear window of the wrecked truck. It will now open and you will gain the Thermophasic DIE.

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