Fortnite: Chapter 3 – How To Find A Guaranteed Loot Llama | Location Guide

    Fortnite: Chapter 3 – How To Find A Guaranteed Loot Llama | Location Guide

    Stock up on legendary healing items with this guaranteed Loot Llama location.

    Supply Llamas are normally impossible to find. Until now. We know exactly where to find one every time you drop off.

    There are a limited number of Supply Llamas that appear every turn in Fortnite: Battle Royale. And for good reason. These legendary chests (which are also animals) generate a bounty of bullets, shields, and healing items. This includes one of the best healing items in the game – the Chug Chili Splash Six Pack. This healing item gives you a quick HP boost and improved mobility for a temporary super-speed charge. For this item alone, you'll want to open a supply llama for the juicy items inside.

    The supply llama is one of the best chests, but they are extremely rare. If you want to know where to find one, there's a small llama ranch on the map where a Loot Llama always spawns. Bring a gun and crack open that pinata for a full loadout of loot.

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    How To Always Get Loot Llama | Supply Llama Location

    Only 3 Supply Llamas appear on the Battle Royale map each turn. Destroying a supply llama guarantees a drop in x6 Chili Chug Splash – you will also get healing items, shield potions, ammo and materials. Even if you don't destroy a Supply Llama, you can chase it down and collect the items it drops forever. When you approach a supply llama, it runs away. Supply Llamas are counted as animals — and they will move on their own!

    • Guaranteed Supply Llama Location: In the small farm (called Llama Homestead) near Logging. Take the road southwest of Logjam to find it. The NPC Llama Farmer is located here - it's accessible by road, so you can easily get there if you need to.

    Don't forget to bring a weapon before reaching the lama ranch. Even if you don't have a weapon, it's worth chasing the llama and picking up the items it drops. It drops a lot of healing items - and more helpfully, a lot of shields. Even if the x6 Chili Chug Splash really is the best reward you can get for finding these guys. And with the new tent system, you can go store your stash of Chilli Chug Splash in a tent and save it for future use in another round of Battle Royale.

    You will also find a pair of ATVs and an NPC here with quests. It's a worthwhile place, and it's been pretty much empty every time I've visited it solo.

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