Elite Dangerous Will Introduce Huge Fleet Carriers In Early 2022

These ships include shops, bars, crew quarters and hanging places.

Dangerous Elite will get the eleventh update to its Odyssey expansion in early 2022, and the Drake-class aircraft carriers look pretty swanky on the inside. Frontier Developments isn't messing around with the next big patch, and Odyssey has already been a smash hit since its release in 2022, giving players a chance to explore the galaxy up close.

Known to have a huge learning curve, jumping into the space flight simulator can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned gamer. Featuring a realistic 1:1 scale representation of the open world of the Milky Way galaxy, it also features open-ended gameplay, giving each person free rein to roam the galaxy as they see fit. Released in 2022, the massively multiplayer title isn't what you'd expect - player actions impact the narrative of the game's universe, but Dangerous Elite still plays like a single-player title. Players can explore over 400 billion star systems, with griefing only allowed if players have a decent role-playing reason, such as flight. It's a whole, and it's taken quite seriously. (Did you know it's a sequel to the 1995 PC game Frontier: First Encounters?)

During the Frontier live stream on December 16, Elite Dangerous senior game designer Derin Halil showed off alpha footage of the transporter's new interiors, which include shops, bars, crew quarters and areas to shop. equipment and upgrades. Players can also accept missions in the ship, and each gargantuan ship will include a collection of NPCs to make the experience more lively. For those looking to customize things, the update will allow the owner of the Transporter to customize the color scheme of the interior.

On December 9, Frontier released Dangerous Elite Patch 1.60, including a number of general fixes and quality of life updates. Basic mining shards will no longer get trapped inside asteroids and various missing translations have been added throughout the game.

Dangerous Elite is available to play on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The game is currently 80% off for the Steam Winter Sale, so if you're curious, now's the best time to jump in.


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