Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – How To Summon Shenron | Every wish listed

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – How To Summon Shenron | Every wish listed
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – How To Summon Shenron | Every wish listed

You can summon Shenron, the gigantic, mystical dragon that grants Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – just find all seven dragon balls. The Giant Dragon offers tons of wishes, but only a few can be repeated as often as you want. Here I'm going to put a full list of all the different wishes you can ask Shenron, and what you'll get for each one.

Throughout the story, there are several points where your DBZ team will automatically hunt down these Dragon Balls. Most of the time it's for resurrecting dead friends - don't worry, you won't have to waste your true wishes to revive your allies.

Between storylines, in Intermission sequences, you are free to hunt Dragon Balls, summon Shenron, and get as many wishes as you want. The magic dragon (and the Dragon Balls) will randomly reappear in twenty minutes in-game, so if you're patient, you can really stock up on rare items, Z-Orbs, and zeni!

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How To Summon Shenron | Every wish listed

Shenron, Wishes, and Dragon Ball Hunt becomes available after completing the frieze arch. Once Frieza is defeated, you will return to Earth and begin a story intrusion. During Intermission, you can go hunting for Dragon Balls – there are seven in total, and they are located in random places all over the world map.

Collect all seven, then open the main menu and select "Dragon Balls“To summon Shenron. From there, you will get a wishlist. Wishes are pretty simple – many of them allow you to revive opponents for a second fight. When you bring an enemy back from the dead, you can only do so once! But the battle will be harder and you will get many good rewards for completing them.

There are three repeatable wishes; request Zeni (money), request Z-Orbs and request rare items. Find all the wishes below and what you will get for each of the repeatable wishes.

Dragon Ball Wishlist | Repeatable wishes

I want Z Orbs!

  • (Result: 10000 blue orbs, 10000 yellow orbs, 10000 red orbs, 10 rainbow orbs)

I want to be rich!

I want rare items!

  • (Result: Whole Roast on the Bone x1, Steamed Juicy Bread x1, Hot Tofu x1, Refreshing Seafood Soup x1, Rich Seafood Soup x1, Fish Rice Ball x1, Fresh Seafood Pasta x1, dense sesame dumpling x1, sweet cupcake x1, crumbly fried rice x1, awakening water x5, superior awakening water x5)

Unrepeatable wishes

  • I still want to fight Raditz!
    • I want to fight Nappa again!
    • I want to fight Dodoria again!
    • I still want to fight Zarbon!
    • I want to fight the Ginyu Force again!
    • And more!

And more! You will be able to re-fight any character that no longer appears in the series for a second fight. When you summon a character for a new fight, it appears somewhere on the map.

Go find them, and there's some special dialogue - it's not just a simple rehearsed battle, it's actually a new little sequence. They are all worthwhile and they will give you much better rewards than other battles.

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