Destiny 2 adds Halo Gear for Bungie's 30th anniversary

    Destiny 2 adds Halo Gear for Bungie's 30th anniversary

    There is a lot of new content today.

    Developers Bungie dropped a new trailer today, finally addressing rumors of a Destiny 2 X Halo collaboration. The trailer details the upcoming Destiny 30 2th Anniversary Pack to celebrate Bungie's 30 years of game development. The new pack will introduce a six-player activity, a new dungeon, and see the return of several Destiny 1 weapons. Fan-favorite exotic rocket launcher Gjallarhorn is one of them.

    The 30th anniversary celebration will also nostalgically showcase the developer's past games. The new bundle will include the Claymore sword from the 90s game Myth and a shotgun inspired by Bungie's 1994 game Marathon. Perhaps the most exciting inclusion for most players will be the Halo-inspired weapons that will now be part of Destiny 2.

    The trailer confirms that some of the best Halo weapons are making their way to Destiny 2. Three Halo-inspired weapons were featured in the trailer: the Magnum, the BR55, and what appears to be Destiny 2's version of a energy sword.

    The 30th anniversary trailer also introduces Dares of Eternity, a new Nine-themed activity that any player can join as it's free and doesn't require the purchase of the pack. Dares of Eternity involves spinning a Ferris wheel in an effort to impress a large horse made up of stars. It's interesting.

    Players who purchase the 30th Anniversary Pack will also gain access to Grasp of Avarice, a new dungeon inspired by Destiny 1's Loot Cave. In the first Destiny game, the cave would allow players to fire their weapons into the abyss for hours and earn new weapons in return. The Grasp of Avarice gives players the chance to earn a new thorn-themed armor set and several other Destiny 1 weapons.

    It looks like Bungie really pulled out all the stops for its 30th anniversary, and it's nice to see the developers proud of their past work. The new pack even sees the return of Crota from Destiny 1, a raid boss from the original game. Players will definitely have a lot of fun with the fan service included in this new pack.

    It is available from today on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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