The Mass Effect TV show could be coming to Amazon

    The Mass Effect TV show could be coming to Amazon
    The Mass Effect TV show could be coming to Amazon
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    The Mass Effect sci-fi video game series is reportedly being adapted into a TV series for Amazon. Rumor has it that BioWare and Electronic Arts are working on a deal with the multinational e-commerce giant to bring the project to their streaming platform.

    Released in 2022, Mass Effect depicts an alternate universe where humans and a host of different extraterrestrial civilizations have colonized the Milky Way. The technology used in their expanse of civilization was apparently left behind by a previous ultra-advanced society. Every Mass Effect title is a third-person shooter with RPG elements. The original trilogy follows Commander Shepard, a veteran soldier in the Systems Alliance Navy, as he attempts to save the galaxy from a hibernating race of ancient machines, the Reapers.

    Deadline has now announced that the much-loved sci-fi franchise may be making its way to Amazon Studios. It's no surprise that Amazon is looking for its next sci-fi hit as its popular series The Expanse airs its final season on December 10, 2022. With a storyline similar to Mass Effect, The Expanse could leave a void in the Amazon lineup he's keen to fill.

    Video game adaptations have been popular lately with the Netflix success of The Witcher and Esoteric. Even Nintendo is jumping on the bandwagon with its recently announced but untitled Super Mario movie starring Chris Pratt as the beloved Mario. A sci-fi drama adapting Mass Effect fits perfectly into the current zeitgeist.

    A Mass Effect TV series isn't the only thing the game franchise potentially has in the works. A brand new game is said to be in development. It's set in the Milky Way and takes place centuries after Mass Effect 3. Regardless of what happens and comes to fruition, it's a very exciting time for Mass Effect fans everywhere.


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