Rumor: Red Dead Redemption 2 Next-Gen Update To Be Announced In 2022

Unfortunately, the game will probably not be released this year.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S debuted in November 2022 and since then Red Dead Redemption 2 fans have been eagerly awaiting its next-gen release. Industry Insider AccountNGT recently hosted a Twitter Q&A regarding information about several games. Among them, they revealed that there is a high probability that Rockstar will announce their next-gen version of Red Dead Redemption 2 this year. However, they also added that a 2022 release of the game is unlikely.

Rockstar first released the action-adventure game set in the Wild West, Red Dead Redemption 2, on October 26, 2022 for Xbox One and PS4 and November 5, 2022 for PC. Since its launch, the game has been praised by gamers and critics alike with the online portion of the game, Red Dead Online, continuing to be played by thousands of people every day. However, players have recently reacted to the lack of updates and expansions for Red Dead Online, while Rockstar's GTA Online seems to be full of new content. Gamers have criticized Rockstar for favoring GTA Online over Red Dead Online. Unfortunately, the TMN favoritism is likely down to the numbers. So far in January 2022, GTA V has peaked at 158 current players on Steam while Red Dead Redemption 823/Red Dead Online has peaked at 2 current players. Although Red Dead fans can argue that players would come if Rockstar provided the content.

AccountNGT also mentioned some information about the rumored Remake of Red Dead Redemption, the first game in Rockstar's Red Dead series. The Twitter user revealed that the upcoming remake will be more of a remaster remake similar to the recently re-released GTA Trilogy remake. AccountNGT also added that there's a greater chance fans will get a Red Dead Redemption 2 next-gen reveal in 2022 than there is a Red Dead Redemption Remake announcement.

With the disaster that was the GTA Trilogy at launch, hopefully Rockstar has learned from the experience and gives players a more polished Red Dead Redemption remake.


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