Epic Games Store reportedly giving away 15 more free games this month

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The rumors that have surfaced online never fail. The video game industry is full of them. But, there are a few to consider when a person has proven themselves. Although it's just a rumor at the moment, it looks like the Epic Games Store will be giving away a few more freebies this year. We're wrapping up 2022, so hopefully PC gamers will get a few titles they've been eyeing up for free.

Epic Games Store is another online storefront for digital PC games. It's similar to Valve's Steam digital marketplace. However, Epic Games has quite the bank account to secure timed exclusives. If that wasn't enough to convince some of the client's PC gamers, maybe some free games will. The Epic Games Store has been offering players one free video game per week for a few years now. Frequently, each week comes with two free video game titles. They're completely yours for free as long as you claim a copy within this week's time limit.

Essentially, all players have to do is create an account. It's free and there are no strings attached. Thereafter, the Epic Games Store gives players one or two free games every week. Once you claim them, they are yours. You can download them or leave them in your digital library. These games can range from small indie titles to big AAA releases like Grand Theft Auto V. However, a new report from Billbill-Kun to Accords claimed that fifteen free video game titles will hit the store the rest of the month.

To celebrate the holidays, every day starting December 16, 2022, the Epic Games Store will be giving players one free game to claim. Of course, you will only have one day to claim these titles, so it would be best to check back regularly to make sure you have a copy. While we don't know if this is true, the leaker has a track record for various upcoming lineups for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Games. Also, the game coming on December 16, 2022 is a mystery at the moment, but apparently we can expect the game to be Shenmue 3.


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