Death Stranding will use Denuvo DRM for the PC platform

When it comes to PC games, there's a battle between keeping the software legit and safe. The game of cat and mouse between developers and publishers can be difficult with those who choose to hack the latest titles. This is where DRM comes in because it allows IP owners to protect a game and stop anyone trying to pirate a copy.

Over the years, these methods have become more complex. Small keywords used in a booklet to confirm that you actually own the game so far like Denuvo. However, as we become more complex with DRM, some side effects may prevent some consumers from even picking up a copy of the game. Denuvo is the latest DRM hit for developers and publishers. It really stopped hackers from breaking a game that others can download and enjoy. However, there is at least one problem that keeps some players a little disappointed with the software.

There have been several reports in the past that Denuvo can really throttle the CPU and it costs the game precious FPS. In fact, some games are eventually released without Denuvo to help improve the user experience. But, for now, it looks like Death Stranding will be using the Denuvo DRM to fight pirates for now.

It's hard to say if this will continue to be a popular DRM for games, but it's at least a red flag for some who hope the game will release without any potential limitations. Currently, Death Stranding is available now for the PlayStation 4, but the PC version will be released on June 2, 2022. You can even check out our Before You Buy episode download below to see if Death Stranding is worth it. detour in our opinion.

Source: VGC

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