Dark Pictures: House of Ashes – How to save everyone and get the best ending | Golden Path Guide

    Dark Pictures: House of Ashes – How to save everyone and get the best ending | Golden Path Guide
    Dark Pictures: House of Ashes – How to save everyone and get the best ending | Golden Path Guide

    House of Ashes, the third installment in the Dark Pictures Anthology, doesn't mess around when it comes to death. At the end of this adventure, you can very easily lose everyone, but we will defy fate and save the five main characters. If you want everyone to walk away from the House of Ashes, these are the important choices you absolutely need to make.

    These Dark Images interactive stories are all about the QTEs, but surprisingly, it's not really the QTEs that are going to kill you. House of Ashes is surprisingly forgiving with events, and your characters will most likely survive even if you fail once or twice. Try to keep your failures as low as possible while playing, do your best and try to make the choices listed below. As long as you do this, you have a good chance of saving all five main characters. Not all choices listed here? They don't really matter when it comes to survival.

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    How to save everyone and get the best ending

    To get the best ending, your choices matter most. While passing QTEs is important, you can fail some QTEs and still get the best ending where everyone survives. For saving the five main characters, you will earn The golden path achievement / trophy.


    • When the shepherd flees, DON'T SHOOT HIM.

    The temple

    • When Rachel is hooked up to the abseiling gear, CUT THE ROPE and let her down.

    After the fall

    • Like Salem, SUCCEED THE QTE where you run away from the encounter with the monster. This way, Salim will learn the monster's weakness in the sunlight.

    The murderer

    • At the beginning of this chapter, explore an optional passage for FIND AN OLD MEDICAL KIT.

    La Treve

    • As Nick you will meet Salim and he will explain the monsters to you. After the scene SELECT SUPPORT OPTION.
    • You will execute a plan to sneak near the monster. SUCCEED THE QTE so you're not caught early.


    • At the end of the chapter, CHOOSE TO DROP CLARICE instead of trying to help.

    The signal

    • During the encounter with the monsters, CHOOSE TO MAKE THE FIRE instead of backing down. Shoot plenty of monsters here – this will make future encounters easier.

    the assault

    • When Balathu approaches, CHOOSE CRUCIFIX instead of rifle.
    • Playing as Salim, you aim and can choose to shoot different monsters. SHOOT THE RACHEL ATTACKING MONSTER for help.
    • Before escaping, you will have to choose to save Eric or to retreat. CHOOSE TO SAVE ERIC.

    Strange Aeons

    • When all seems lost, Rachel will raise her knife to use it on the white phosphorus. DO NOT KNIFE THE WHITE PHOSPHORUS. wait and DO NOT DO ANYTHING with the drawn knife.
    • When you have dialogue choices, CHOOSE DESPERATE TWICE IN A ROW.
    • Under the pressure of monsters, COMPLETE QTY WITH JASON to successfully place the explosives.
    • When given the option for Salim between forceful and cautious, CHOOSE STRENGTH to save Salim.
    • SUCCEED THE QTE when Clarice appears to save Rachel and Eric.

    To win during the Final stand you must succeed in removing the QTE. This is the hardest part of the last chapter. If everyone succeeds in the last sequence, you will succeed. Everything else is prepped for the final battle, so all you have to do is get those QTEs right.

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