20 Best WWII Video Games

There are a ton of great WWII-based video games out there. If you're looking for a new title based on this historic war, we've got you covered. In this list, we have twenty unrated WWII games that we think you should check into. There are a variety of titles in the mix, from FPS, RTS to vehicle-centric games. Likewise, you'll also find early access games and even a few bonus titles that are also worth checking out below.

# 20 Call of Duty WWII

Sledgehammer Games released Call of Duty WWII which was a big deal at the time. Call of Duty had been known for the WWII game for several years and as the franchise exploded into a new spin-off series that brought out different time periods, Sledgehammer Games returned to the IP roots. With Call of Duty: WWII players followed the 1st Infantry Division through different historical battles, much like Operation Overlord. The gameplay was tense and the mechanics were more or less the same as other more modern Call of Duty games, but with a few twists. There are more stealth focused moments and health did not regenerate. If you were injured in the game, players had to find health kits to heal their character. It's a solid entry and currently one of the newest releases in the game series.

#19 Battlefield V

Shortly after the release of Call of Duty: WWII in the market, EA DICE released its next Battlefield title, Battlefield V. This game was also centered on World War II, the gameplay of which was again full of over-the-top action. . you fought against different areas and faced various characters. The title was divided into episodes or chapters that took place in a specific year, location, and battle. As you go through different pivotal moments in the war, the developers hope to tell some of the in-depth war stories the soldiers had to face as they fought for their country amid chaos and mayhem. Not only was this game focused on scenarios, but there was also a lot of focus around a multiplayer component where players could participate in different skirmishes or game modes centered around different objectives.

#18 Medal of Honor Above and Beyond

Medal of Honor was another big title over the years, but it wasn't as successful as Battlefield and Call of Duty. After 2012, there was quite a long gap between releases. It wasn't until 2020 that developers Respawn Entertainment released a brand new installment on the IP with Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond. It was also a different type of game since the title was created with virtual reality in mind. As a result, it was an action-packed game with over-the-top moments as you venture through the war as an OSS agent. In the game's narrative, players go through all sorts of tense battles, whether you're on the ground throwing grenades, laying down firepower, fighting in the air, or even at sea. If you have a compatible VR headset, it's a game worth looking into.

#17 Wolfenstein The New Order

The Wolfenstein franchise in general is highly regarded as WWII video game IPs. However, it was in 2014 that the game received a slight reboot. This game was set in an alternate timeline where Nazi power won World War II. That said, players step into the role of a war veteran named William Blazkowicz who has begun working with a resistance group to overthrow Nazi power and establish a new order. Developed by MachineGames, the title was very action-oriented where players not only fight against the Nazi party with a multitude of weapons, but also have to fight against a multitude of mechanical beasts. This FPS game was such a hit that we received a sequel with Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus which was released in 2017.

# 16 Série Hearts of Iron

Hearts of Iron is a major strategy war game franchise whose installments typically focus on World War II. Players take over a country as you attempt to see them through the conflict of World War II as you build your army with different attributes such as the addition of mobile warfare, more firepower, battle plans and assaults to name a few. Then you face battles across the lands by monitoring your various productions and active units in the field. If you like strategy titles, there is a good collection of titles readily available to gamers, the latest installment being Hearts of Iron IV which was released in 2016 and has a lot of expansions that also enrich the gameplay.

#15 Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes was released in 2006 with a sequel released in 2013. Both games are pretty well received, but we usually see the sequel kicked off a bit more when players are looking for real-time strategy games to check out. This game centers around the Eastern Front where we see a few different operations and battles taking place. Developed by Relic Entertainment, there was a fair bit of tweaking around a few elements to place players in certain unique combat situations. For example, the developers created this game with what they called TrueSight, which helped provide a more accurate representation of what soldiers could and couldn't see for certain scenarios or enemy types. Likewise, there were also weather conditions that players should be aware of, as this could mean reducing the movement speed of troops or proving other dangerous elements. As a strategy game, players make different decisions and orders to their troops while in battle while managing their resources. It's also a game that also came with a few expansions, so there's more content here for players when they complete the base game.

# 14 War Thunder

One game you can play for free right now is War Thunder. This title is all about vehicular warfare and it comes with machines from different eras. So we're not necessarily sticking to WWII, but there are a few vehicles you can ride in as you go through battles. There is a mix of aircraft, armored vehicles, and naval gear that players can use while fighting enemy factions. Now that it's a free-to-play video game title, you can expect incentives to purchase in-game content. This can come from vehicles or different DLC packs, but on the bright side of it all, because it's free, there's nothing stopping you from just trying it out before you spend your hard-earned cash. Currently, War Thunder can be picked up on PC with most latest-gen and current-gen video game console platforms.

#13 Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is an online PVP video game. Players here go through brutal multiplayer game modes where the focus is on the Battle of Stalingrad between 1942 and 1943. Players can quickly engage in fierce combat against the opposing army while taking part in a more strategic operation with an experienced team. players. Luckily, some servers have AI, so you can master the game mechanics slightly before diving into something a little more competitive. It's also a game that's been around since 2011, but there's still a strong following with this title. Not to mention that this game has a modding community, so there are other maps and content you could get for Red Orchestra 2 thanks to creative fans.

#12 Silent Hunter III

Silent Hunter III is a unique game on this list so far. This is another vehicular war game but here you are in command of a submarine. With this game, players take control of a German submarine during the Battle of the Atlantic. The game was developed by Ubisoft where the team wanted players to feel like intense situations at all times. You're deep below the surface as you venture out to find friendly ships to take out. During that time there was a ton of attention around player decisions so for example the game had a little simulation engine that could randomly generate ships to battle and it was up to the player how he was progressing in a conflict. Also, this game was meant to be more of a simulator experience, so firing something like a torpedo would require players to perform speed and angle calculations just to successfully hit the targeted ship. There are also other Silent Hunter video games that deal with WWII as well as specific battles and locations. If you find something like Silent Hunter III enjoyable, you might want to check out some other payments of this deductible.

#11 Cowardly Hell

If you don't mind early access games, there's Hell Let Loose which originally found its way to market in 2019. It's an online FPS PvP title set during the events of World War II. world. The game has been developed so that players can compete 50v50 on several massive maps. There is a wide choice of roles as well as some soldiers with unique weapons or different armored vehicles to help you in the conflict. Game modes are designed to allow players to work together where you will need to communicate while slowly attacking the enemy. Again, this is only an early access title at the moment, you may find changes being made along the way such as different iconic map locations. Currently there are some of the most notable settings such as Omaha Beach and Foy. Although early access can also mean you'll see stability come and go as the developers release new updates to further polish the game for its official grand debut.

#10 Tank World

World of Tanks is a fairly well-known video game at this point. The title tells you everything you need to know here. It is a free-to-play video game in which players take control of different tanks as they compete against other players. It's all about tank warfare here and depending on the game mode or settings, some tanks will be banned. You'll definitely see a wide range of vintage armored vehicles here, so it's not like this title is aimed specifically at WWII, but again, you'll find vehicles from that era as well. Of course, being a free-to-play video game means incentives to pull money from gamers who enjoy the title. You can easily invest some money in this game if you are not careful. That said, since it's free, there's nothing stopping you from trying out the title since it's available on many different platforms today.

#9 World of Warships

Speaking of World of Tanks, we can't forget to mention World of Warships. Again, it's pretty much the same kind of game here, but rather than being tanks, it's about the various naval warships that you can take control of. Operating the ship, getting your crew into position, firing the various cannons precisely towards your target is the name of the game. When you take too many hits, your ship will explode and sink to the depths below. Again, you can take control of a wide range of vintage ships, and just like World of Tanks, there are plenty of incentives for players to spend some cash to unlock more ships and content. . However, being free means not having to spend a dime just to give that title a chance today.

# 8 Foxhole

Foxhole is somewhat of a unique game on this list that is also an early access title. The game features an ongoing war and hundreds of players connect to help their faction out. Whether you're building bases or directly engaging in combat on the front lines to reclaim territory, you're just another soldier in the field. Since this is a sandbox war, it's not technically based on WWII, however, the developers set this war as an alternate timeline where no one won the Great War, so it's just an ongoing conflict between the different factions. It's also a game of titles in an isometric view, so you can get an overview of the area you're currently in rather than being stuck in a third- or to the first person.

#7 Post Scriptum

With Post Scriptum, players go through various multiplayer-focused PvPs. With settings taking place in the Netherlands, from France to Belgium, the hope is to provide an accurate tactical FPS experience. It's all about communication, which is possible with an in-game VoIP system. Players can stay in communication with their team and managers at all times rather than being blindsided. Everyone has a role to play, whether it's firing artillery, crewing tanks, or simply helping the team as a whole with supplies or fortifications. Fans have praised the realism so far with this game and made it clear that this game works best if you're willing to participate in the immersion while staying in communication. Currently, the title is available for gamers right now exclusively on the PC platform.

#6 Heroes and Generals

Heroes & Generals is another free FPS title you can play right now and it offers a wide range of roles to play in large-scale battles. Whether you're a paratrooper landing on the ground, taking on the role of a tank operator, or even battling through the air, there are a ton of action-packed moments during a massive battle against the different nations. Rather than focusing on specific historical battles, this title is about players capturing cities. During a match, players roam the map and fight to claim a city. The first team to successfully capture and claim fifteen towns wins the game.

# 5 Sniper Elite 4

The Sniper Elite series is a game to check out if you enjoy playing the role of a sniper. Currently, the latest main installment is Sniper Elite 4 where you are a secret agent named Karl Fairburne fighting with the Italian Resistance on an epic action-packed journey. There are an assortment of missions to complete as you try to set up incredible plans from afar. Of course, there are a few variables to consider, such as wind and bullet drop, to watch out for as well. You'll even find times when you'll have an inside look at your opponent's body to see what damage has been done. While Sniper Elite 4 is the latest installment and players go through the Italian resistance during World War II, there is the Zombie Army 4: Dead War which is a spin-off title. Here players have to fight zombie nazis but with tactical shooter from Sniper Elite series. Both games are worth checking out and have generally received well-received reviews from critics and fans alike.

#4 Steel Division: Normandy 44

Another real-time strategy game you might be interested in is Steel Division: Normandy 44. This is a tactical game where players control entire armies which not only include soldiers but also the different vehicles you can use in the heat of the action. During the single-player campaign, players will participate in battles between the Allies and Germany in Normandy, France. Of course, there are online multiplayer battles that players can participate in that feature 10v10. Likewise, this game also has a sequel which was released just a few years ago with Steel Division 2 where the campaign centers around Operation Bagration.

#3 Sudden Strike 4

The Sudden Strike series debuted in 2000, but the latest version available to the player today, Sudden Strike 4, was released in 2017. This is another RTS game set in World War II where players have three campaigns to go through. Not only do you get a glimpse of the war behind the Allies, but also of the Soviet and German armies. The developers have designed the game so that the mission you undertake is based on a real battle. It's what you've come to expect from an RTS game as you command your army through the mission while monitoring your troops' various stats amid chaos and mayhem. Although the base game has a lot of content for players, there are DLC expansions that add more missions and even regions for players.

# 2 Call of Duty World at War

Before Call of Duty: WWII was released in the market, we received Call of Duty: World At War. It was a title launched in 2008 where players follow a few different characters as they battle Japanese and German soldiers. Overall, the game is based on some select historical battles with lots of action and cinematic moments to help build a storyline. This game had a co-op game mode which was something new to the series with the introduction of the iconic zombie mode that Call of Duty is known for today. To top it all off, this game was also the Black Ops sub-series, so World at War is a pretty pivotal title for the franchise as a whole.

#1 Brothers in Arms

Finally, before we dive into some of the bonus titles on our list, we wanted to mention the Brothers in Arms series. That first title, Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 released in 2005, and currently the latest installment, Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War, was released in 2014. That said, some of the more recent games were mobile. based only. In any case, this is a series of tactical shooters based in Western Europe during World War II. The story is centered around the release and the first installment was a huge hit. It was a game that achieved near perfect scores across the board for different publications due to the fact that it was a pretty solid FPS game. Interestingly, this game was launched by developers Gearbox Software with Randy Pitchford directing who you might know best from Borderlands fame. These titles may be a bit old today, but they are worth revisiting. We could see a resurgence of this IP as soon as it was revealed in 2020 that the series was being adapted into a TV series.

Bonus games

World War II Reconstructor

WW2 Rebuilder is a bit of a historical understanding of the chaos that took place in the various warring cities. In the game, players roam around the wreckage after the war and work on rebuilding. It's an interesting concept and if you've enjoyed something like House Flipper it might have the same kind of feel here, but we're still waiting to see when the game officially launches. As a result, it's a title you might want to keep on your radar this year.


If you're looking for something a little different from the norm in WWII video games, check out Kards. This is a free World War II card battle game. Just as you might expect from a CCG title, there's a lot of focus around building a winning deck to take on opposing players. You have everything from infantry, tank, artillery, and aircraft cards to use when playing them strategically during battle. There will be different nations to choose from when creating your deck which provides unique cards, but like every CCG, it's a game of mind and deck building.

Tank Mechanic Simulator

Tank Mechanic Simulator puts players in the modern day by finding old rusty tanks, completely dismantling them, and refurbishing the brand new tank. From there, you can test out the tank and even take it to the firing range to fire off a few shots. It is a game that is a bit like Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 if you are familiar with that game. Players mostly take old cars and solve different problems they may have. Except here we are dealing with classic WWII tanks.

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