So Many People Wanted Pokemon's Shiny Zeraora That The Home App Crashed

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In typical Nintendo fashion, several first-party games were updated around midnight EST yesterday.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate got Min Min and a new balance patch, and Pokemon Home/Pokemon Sword and Shield also got their own updates. But while Smash fans were able to slip in and try out the new character, Pokemon fans were greeted with error screens.

The update was small, but impactful. That shiny Zeraora everyone wanted? It was finally available to all eligible players. The problem is that he crashed the servers at home because so many people were trying to redeem him at once, but things have since been fixed: if you wake up, congratulations! You shouldn't have any problems getting in.

If you're totally lost, below are full instructions on how to pick up this new Legendary.

How to get your free shiny Zeraora in Pokemon Sword and Shield:

  • Transfer a PokĆ©mon between the Home app and the main game: to or from the works, but both will ensure everything goes smoothly. More information on this process is here.
  • After a short period of time, you will be considered eligible for the Shiny Zeraora, as the community has already achieved the required goal of defeating it in a Max Raid Battle a million times.
  • Go to the Home app and click on the "Settings" icon from the bulleted list at the bottom. Select "Mystery Gifts" (which should have a red "!"), then select "Gift Box", then "Victory over Zeraora 1." You can also collect Armorite Ore from the trial (you need to enter a code in Sword/Shield for this one).

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