Now Live: The best Black Friday deals on Nintendo Switch, Lite and games

$30 Breath of the Wild and Much More

It's a little after 23 p.m. The Eastern and Black Friday deals for the Nintendo Switch are being announced on the web. Since this Saturday, many offers have been launched but most have been acceptable at best. Thankfully, things are slowly turning around as more Nintendo Switch console bundles appear online.

Walmart currently has both Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Mario Tennis Aces + 1-2 Switch holiday bundles in stock, for $299 and $329 respectively. If you don't really care which games are included, in our opinion, the next bet on offer is GameStop's full-price Nintendo Switch Version 2 console. GameStop throw in a $25 gift coupon as an added incentive.

For Nintendo Switch Lite Black Friday deals, you'll probably have to search the world for anything decent. So far, we're seeing a modest deal at Walmart where you can buy the Turquoise-colored console for full price with a free bonus case ($10 value, yes). Kohl's Switch Lite bundles, priced at $250 and $245, offer another nicer perk, with an approximate retail value of $25. In exchange for purchasing random additional accessories that come with the Switch Lite Switch, you'll receive $75 or $60 cash to use after Cyber ​​Monday (good for online or in-store purchases). If you don't buy from Kohl's, it's not such a strong incentive.

Finally, the game deals are actually very decent with many 1st party Nintendo titles up to 50% off! Example: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for just $30, Super Mario Party for $30 and up. Just note that some of them already have stock issues. So you'll need to act fast if you see something you like.

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