A few My Nintendo rewards are back in stock for the first time in weeks

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The All-Stars poster set in particular

So the My Nintendo rewards store is once again very popular, thanks to the addition of real physical products. Now, it's not as enjoyable as Club Nintendo (you pay for shipping and there aren't as many rewards), but it works.

Over the past few weeks, a number of items have come in and sold out pretty quickly, including all Animal Crossing and Xenoblade items. Surprisingly, greeting cards and ornaments are also gone and may not be replenished given the seasonal nature of the items.

So what's returned to stock? Well, the coveted Mario 3D All-Stars Poster Set (800 Platinum), Mario Zipper Case (800), and Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Lanyard (800) are back. As of press time, the Xenoblade sticker sheets, Mario Kart Live decoration kit, Origami King set and postcards, and Pikmin 3 decals and coasters are still in stock.

It also looks like the Tom Nook keychain has been completely removed from the My Nintendo store.; and doesn't even have a placeholder for "this item is temporarily out of stock". As the most expensive item yet at 1000 points, this thing went pretty fast.

As a reminder, here we have a giant guide to all things My Nintendo. Jump in and bookmark it if you want to rack up points. Keep in mind that the Age of Calamity art print is not yet for sale: we expect it to be around 1000 points.

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