Team Fortress 2 breaks a new player record

For years there was a big heavy hitter when it came to multiplayer games. Before days of battle royales took over the world with the likes of Apex Legends or so Fortnite we had Team Fortress 2. It was the game to play back in the day with players jumping online to compete in different modes of game. While the game is still around and has an audience, it's not been such an active title in recent years. That recently changed with a new player record hitting the game.

This FPS title has players joining a team and battling against another team, all with the same type of characters. With multiple classes to change the playstyle depending on what you join in the game, players would be more of a tank, a medic, or even a stealth spy. For years it was one player joining the game, but recently the game hit an all-time high of over 150 players, which is quite an achievement, especially for an older game like this.

This record came after the release of a hotfix that focused on stopping the use of bots in matches. You would think that being such an old game that it wouldn't be a problem, but it was and this patch was able to reduce some of the issues that players had to deal with. Either way, having a new high for this game after its first release in 2022 when it launched alongside The Orange Box is exciting, especially for the fan base who have continued to log in regularly to play the title. .

Which we're interested to see if this turns out to be a big resurgence for the title. Valve isn't one to go back and offer a lot of content in their past games or franchises. Fans are still waiting for the legendary Half-Life 3 release and luckily spiritual successor to Left For Dead coming out by Turtle Rock Studios, Return 4 Blood. All we can do is wait and see how the game performs over the next few weeks to see if more players jump into this classic.

Source: PC Gamer, Comic

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