Report: Capcom Takes Resident Evil 4 Remake In A New Direction

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M-Two's role 'significantly reduced'

A new report suggests that Capcom's as-yet-unannounced remake of Resident Evil 4 is currently undergoing some kind of restructuring. While it was previously reported that Japanese studio M-Two was leading the project, new development whispers claim that Capcom is taking the wheel after alleged disagreements over the direction of the project.

The report, obtained by VGC, suggests that M-Two had expressed a desire to keep his remake of the 2022 horror classic relatively faithful, concerned about the backlash over the changes in Resident Evil 3. Capcom would have seen otherwise, wishing take risks, steering Leon and Ashley's well-known adventure in a new direction.

As a result, M-Two's role in the development of Resident Evil 4 is now rumored to be "significantly reduced", which Capcom allegedly brought in its Division 1 team (of Devil May Cry V fame) to perform. the majority of the design and development of the remake. This team restructuring is expected to cause a significant delay to Resident Evil 4, with sources suggesting it won't see the light of day until 2023.

Of course, there's a funny note in the fact that the Resident Evil 4 remake doesn't technically exist - given that Capcom hasn't officially announced the title yet. But given the commercial success of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, as well as the specifically legendary status of the series' fourth mainline entry in the survival horror franchise, such a remake is as inevitable as a belly-to-belly suplex. on a farmer from Los Ganados.

Capcom has revised its plans for a remake of Resident Evil 4 [VGC]

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