V Rising is a vampire action-adventure game where you get your own castle

There's even PvE and online PvP, if you want it

V Rising caught my eye talking about becoming a vampire lord, raising a castle, fending off supernatural creatures and vampire hunters, and fighting alongside other players. Oh, and the title cracks me up. Let's just say that when I think of 'V', my mind doesn't immediately go to Dracula.

The PC action-adventure game appeared on Steam this week - no release date yet - but developer Stunlock Studios says it's planning a beta "later this year". You might recognize that name from Battlerite if you have vivid memories of the MOBA and/or arena brawler craze over the past decade.

While the trailer isn't that meaningful on its own, there are screenshots as well. You get your own horse!

Coming out of something as combat-focused as Battlerite, I'll be expecting a lot from these Vampire Duels.

At a glance, V Rising looks like an isometric point-and-click action RPG – but in fact, we'll be using WASD controls for movement and cursor-based aiming for skills, according to Stunlock. In the context of an arena brawler like Battlerite, that style of play really comes into its own here. It should do good.

It also makes sense for a game that can be played "single-player" but includes PvE and PvP support. This next game will be a crowd-breaker "solo only, no exceptions", but you can team up to battle co-op beasts and attack other players' castles in V Rising. As for the base-building aspect, you'll collect resources and loot through your blood-hungry exploits, and "grow your vampire army."

“We want to give players the full vampire experience by dodging the scorching sunlight, chasing blood and building their castle,” said Marketing Director Johan Ilves. “All of this while battling other players and being hunted down by vampire hunters. He also called it "the most ambitious game yet."

Again, the trailer is more mood-setting than anything else, and the screens aren't very revealing either. That said, I like the idea of ​​this game. Although there are many ways it could go wrong, I'll keep an eye out.

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