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Building an impressive base is one of the simple joys of Valheim. You don't have many options when it comes to materials, but there is so much more you can do to create an impressive Viking property. Valheim's building features are much more in-depth than most other open-world survival games, giving you tools to create amazing little outposts, bridges, castles and more.

The community loves to share their creations and we love to discover them. That's why we're going to pick our favorite builds we've found so far, whether they're epic, cozy, or just plain hilarious. All of these creations require a ton of creativity, so be sure to check out the links under each spotlight to see what else these creators have been up to.

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The Best Valheim Builds We've Seen So Far

created by: DeLindsay

A superb tower of the Plains at the edge of the water. Very creative use of rock spiers.

created by: ArmitageIII

A refined and warm seaside village that is full of unique structures.

created by: WoogieMonsuta

An island fort perfectly protected against the invasion of hordes of gray dwarves.

created by: stretch

A massive fortress complex with multi-level landings and a stunning foyer overlooking the area.

created by: muffins

Whoops! An extremely creative upside down house.

created by: echo

A bridge crosses this simple but effective river outpost.

created by: 2momsandacavuum

The recreated Firelink Shrine in Valheim.

created by: HASDART

An amazing treehouse for all your forest frolicking needs.

created by: stretch

A modernist masterpiece with an elaborate flower-shaped structure.

created by: legosky007

Everything a Viking could want in one structure.

Created by: Amatsu

An extremely large complex of castles built on the side of a high mountain.

created by: kaybolanadam

Something completely different. A trophy storage building that looks like something out of this world.

created by: bobbylonmon

This swampy mansion perfectly matches the spooky and twisted atmosphere.

Found any other amazing Valheim builds we need to see? Let us know what we are missing!

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