My favorite Pokemon in Sword and Shield is a filthy, smelly metal cat. What is your?

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Don't judge my child. My child wants to grow a beard.

I'm about to complete the Galarian Gym Challenge in Pokémon Shield, having caught a wide array of Pokémon and scored many bonus EXP Candy from Max Raid Battles I've written in the Wild Area. Even though there are a lot of older Pokémon on my team that really carry their weight, like Katsu the Chelours, Bobert Crabaraque, and Kevin Fermite, I really shined with the new Galarian Pokémon.

I'm very fond of Yukki, my Snowbelly, because some Pokemon games tend to introduce high level bug Pokemon. Although I admit it, I don't like it as much as its old form, Frissonille. And the first time I saw Krakos I knew I had to catch him but he keeps slipping away from me thanks to his tough catch rate. I really need to increase my critical catch rate from how this guy escapes my pokéballs.

They're great, but my new favorite Galarian Pokemon in Sword and Shield has to be Galarian Meowth and its evolution, Berserkatt, so don't even pity me with your controversial opinions on its hair.

I knew I liked that shit smile for some reason

- Strider (@StriderHoang) December 4, 2022

Meowth is the baseline, I have to hand it to him because it already exists to give birth to Galarian Meowth. Alolan Meowth has proven that giving an ancient Pokémon a regional twist can lead to some interesting results, turning the alley cat design into a proper, pampered rich cat. But Galarian Meowth is amazing, turning the flavor of the street cat into eleven years until he grows into an almost feral, feral child of a feline barely contained in his own fur.

His entry into Dex indicates that the Meowths of the Galar region have hung around the brutal sea world so much that their fur has turned to iron. Meowth's normally petite figure flew off as she grew a huge beard. When he evolves, he becomes even more ridiculous, as his horns aren't horns at all but simply hardened hair in the shape of a horned helmet. When you see Berserkatt in motion, you'll even see his cat's claws merge as they expand and morph into a giant dagger.

Its design and lore, combined with a cute battle design, really make me love Pokemon like Meowth and Berserkatt. It's simple and straightforward in combat, with a steely no-nonsense one-design and punching abilities to punch above its weight class with ease. All of this combines to make Galarian Meowth and Berserkatt my new favorite Pokémon from Sword and Shield.

But I know a lot of people think he's disgusting and disgusting and it's okay to be wrong. So what's your new favorite Pokémon in Sword and Shield? Voltoutou? Polthegeist? If Gardevoir's favorite unofficial pokemon is Gardevoir and she can sometimes be tsundere, can I direct you to Yandere's new pokemon, Witchcraft?

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