Skullgirls Confirms Future Club Is Involved In Creating New Content

Ex-Lab Zero developers revisit the brand

In delightful news to start the day, it's been confirmed that Future Club - the indie developer born out of the disbandment of Lab Zero - will be directly involved in the creation of new Skullgirls content, alongside current developer Hidden Variable and the editor. Fall games.

Last month, Autumn Games showed off a bright future for the impressive beacon-fighting title, announcing an all-new season of content featuring several new DLC characters and stages. While that's great news, it brought a twinge of sadness, with the possibility that the original Skullgirls team - many of whom left Lab Zero due to its intolerable and toxic environment - wouldn't be involved in the creation. new content.

But in a new tweet, Autumn Games confirmed that Hidden Variable will indeed be working with these developers and their new studio, Future Club, to design and create exciting new content for Skullgirls to be released to players over the next few years. years.

Future Club expressed their joy at the new partnership in a tweet of their own. " It's true! exclaimed the young studio. ā€œFuture Club and Hidden Variable have worked together to continue Skullgirls! We're so excited to bring you the next chapter of Skullgirls, and we're even more grateful to our amazing community for keeping the spirit alive! Ā»

Currently on sale at a reduced price for a limited time, the Skullgirls Season 1 Pass includes new girl Annie of the Stars, a digital artbook, an extended soundtrack, and three mystery characters arriving in 2022 and 2022. Each new character will bring with them 25 variant colors, a new stage, and their own custom story mode.

With Future Club on board and the toxicity of Lab Zero Games behind them, this collaboration of developers and publishers is free to focus entirely on keeping the spirit of Skullgirls alive, ensuring that this brilliant fighter and its community passionate remain on stage for the performance, after the performance, after the performance. Curtain up.

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