RPG Maker MZ will let you create your own adventure on August 20

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If you fancy yourself a bit of a storyteller, then you might want to take a look at Degica Games' RPG Maker MZ. The powerful adventure-building software will launch on PC via Steam in late August, adding a host of new features and improvements to its previous edition.

RPG Maker MZ, developed by Kadokawa Corporation, will once again offer a huge plethora of tools and resources to design, create and cultivate your own deep and engaging role-playing games. RPG Maker MZ enables the creation of layered maps and environments, finely detailed character sprites and portraits, and complex combat systems.

You can plan events and surprises, even design animations for movements and attacks. This new edition supports various plug-ins and even its own open-source particle creator for spectacular effects. But if you think you might not quite have the skills to create your own quest from scratch, the package comes with a catalog of pre-created scenarios to help you find your niche.

RPG Maker MZ appears to be a very deep and complex package, but offers enough pre-built resources to get users up and running, encouraging experimentation and enabling indie developers to effectively prepare for the launch of their own amazing fantasy adventures. The RPG Maker MZ isn't cheap – the Steam edition will cost around $80 – but if you've ever thought of trying to create your own Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy style adventure, this could prove to be a great starting point. departure.

…don't actually do a Legend of Zelda adventure. Nintendo tends to frown on this.

RPG Maker MZ will launch on August 30 on PC via Switch and RPG Maker Web.

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