People on eBay are asking crazy prices for these Animal Crossing amiibo cards

My grandfather's deck has no weak cards!

Several years ago, after the debut of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Nintendo released amiibo cards containing Animal Crossing's long list of characters. At the time, the reception was quite mixed. The main use of the cards was to invite specific Happy Home Designer villagers to decorate a house for them.

Later, Animal Crossing: New Leaf was updated with amiibo support, allowing villagers to ride in VR in your town. Nintendo eventually released four different sets of amiibo cards, featuring hundreds of villagers. Apart from these two games, the cards also worked with Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, which few people played. For many years you could buy a deck of cards on Amazon or eBay for a relatively low price. But now that we're all playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they're making a big comeback.

In New Horizons, you can not only invite specific villagers to your island campsite using their amiibo cards, but you can also take the opportunity to invite them to move in. Now that more people are playing Animal Crossing on the Switch and sharing their experience on social media, it's leading to a lot of characters having a new audience compared to Animal Crossing in the past.

It's hard to find new packs now with the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down non-essential businesses and New Horizons novelty smearing current print maps, but you'll have no trouble finding listings for maps. individual. Most can be had for a "reasonable" price between $5 and $15. However, some sellers on eBay think it's worth so much money that you'll have to structure a payment plan to pay them.

Tom: 40-70 $

Tom is an example of a villager with a pretty cool personality and design that fetches an absurd but relatively modest price. Tom is specifically a grumpy-type villager, which is a disposition that acts like an old man compared to other villager types. While he doesn't have an arguably universal appeal design, Tom and other characters found in his price range also have the advantage of being present in most Animal Crossing series. Other villagers you can find around this price range include Olivia, a snooty white cat, and Fang, a classically designed grumpy wolf. Generally, villagers hanging around in this price range are more or less animal-like.

Pietro: 70 $

I was a bit surprised that someone paid Pietro over $5 because an overwhelming number of people will hate him based solely on a phobia of clowns or maybe just because Pietro is a garishly colored sheep , but I saw a few people on Twitter hoping he'd come to their town to brighten their day, so who am I to judge? At least he's not a mime like Marcel, with whom I unfortunately share a name. But once you cross the $70 mark, you start to see popularity and demand for villagers in terms of wilder than it can be compared to just watching Beastars on Netflix, only without the human-shaped hands that they give to anthropomorphized characters. I mean, Louis is hot but something with a deer with no hooves and human hands is always unsettling.

Sugar, Marina: $80-90

Octopuses are a fairly new category of animals, introduced in the latest mainline New Leaf game. Octavius ​​is the only other octopus in the category, but I couldn't find any listings for him. While Octavius ​​is a grumpy type, Zucker and Marina are nicer personality types with their own hooks. Marina has a sort of minimalist, Hello-Kitty design going for her, while Zucker is paradoxically made to look like the food he's destined to one day become, takoyaki. Being the only ones of their kind, they also have the rarity distinction for their price inflation.

Other animals around this price point tend to be new to the show, like Fauna the deer, or absolute cutie pies that have also been on the show for a while, like Lolly and Kyle. Coco is also worth $90 due to her peculiar bunny design that resembles the series' weird gyroids.

Bob, Lucky and Ankha: at least $100-150

Now we are entering the territory of extremely unique designs and other distinguished animals. You may recognize Bob as the purple cat doing the smug dance from A Hat in Time, and while that alone could have propelled Bob into the $100 club, it certainly helps that he has the smug expression to fit in. to the meme he was pushed into. . Lucky's and Ankha's creations transcend the limitations of just being animals and look more like a mummy or pharaoh than a village animal. $100 is a lot for a map, but then again, you'll get either a stressed-looking pharaoh cat or a smugly dancing cat for your village.

Apollo: 200 $

Admittedly, I don't see the appeal of Apollo. It's just an eagle. Again, it's an eagle, the national bird of the United States. At the very least, I wish his default outfit wasn't the zipper shirt, probably the least American I could imagine. At this point in the listing, you may find similar listings at lower prices, but that doesn't rule out someone thinking someone will buy Apollo for $200. Shipping and handling of this card is at least free. But you know what they say, freedom doesn't come free, and in this case, it's at least two youngsters.

Whitney: 300 $

Wolves are noble canines with wide appeal as dog parents, social creatures that live in packs and howl at the moon like rad edgelords. Whitney takes advantage of being the white wolf that is commonly loved in the media. But she's right here in that spot on the list, because you can always find other listings for her at considerably lower prices. Yes, $300 for a single card is an extravagant price, but like most of the other entries on this list, it's possible to find them at lower, more reasonable prices. No, the top of the list belongs to a character that I constantly see at a high price, regardless of the seller. Someone who is also liked on social media by anyone who can meet him.

Marshal: $300

To be fair, this particular Marshal listing is actually $295. But just look at it? The pure white fur, the simple tuft of hair on his forehead, those blushing cheeks and a denim jacket as his default shirt, plus a smug personality that tends to spring from the confident lines that most people wish they could do in public. Marshal tends to be high on the list of dreamers, a term Animal Crossing fans use for villagers they'd like to move into their towns. Other characters who tend to share this distinction include Julian, a unicorn, and the most recently added Raymond, a professional-like cat with heterochromia who has assembled a meme-like gathering for the aforementioned qualities and range of situations. trivia in which the players put it. , like wearing a maid outfit and sitting in a gifted cat bed.

The wild and wild market for Animal Crossing amiibo cards can be unpredictable, but for purists looking to keep dollar value out of the game, I only recently discovered how Nook Miles Tickets, an item you receive for 2000 Nook Miles at Resident Services are used as currency for a variety of high-value items. Players who have villagers ready to move can broadcast that they have a moving villager on mediums such as Twitter or Discord and then invite a buyer to their island who will then invite said villager to their island. A transaction like the one I found can range from 10 to 20 Nook Miles tickets, or more depending on the villager.

Did you collect Animal Crossing amiibo cards when they were plentiful, or are you largely indifferent to the idea of ​​amiibo in general? Or do you think you could spend your Nook Miles buying a villager from someone who wants it, given that it's a villager you like? If you have a few cards, which do you have? Let me know in the comments below along with tips if you know a guy who knows Gruff, the grumpy green goat. I'm sitting on 20 Nook Miles and my cash limit is $000.

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