Don't miss Gigantamax Salarsen in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Limited-Time Max Raid Battle Event Begins February 6, 2022

It looks like Pokémon Sword and Shield's Gigantamaxing will end up being little more than a short footnote in the series' history once Game Freak designs another eye-catching mechanic in a future game, but for for now, it's here to stay. There's even a new Gigantamax event happening this week.

The electric purple/poison punk Salarsen has rounded out my team for most of my Pokémon Sword adventure, so I feel compelled to add Gigantamax Salarsen to my collection. The boosted Pokémon can use G-Max Stun Shock to damage and poison or paralyze each opponent. Wicked stuff!

To catch Gigantamax Salarsen, you'll need to engage in a special Max Raid Battle, and yes, there's a time limit. The event takes place in the wild area of ​​the Thursday February 6, 16:00 p.m. Pacific until Sunday 8 March, at 17:00 p.m. Pacific. Just make sure you are connected to the internet to participate.

Another warning for Max Raid Battlers: Amped Form Salarsen (yellow) is a Pokemon Sword exclusive, while Pokemon Shield players will be able to deal with Low Key Form Salarsen (blue). That said, if you're hoping to get both forms, you can always just join battles hosted by your comrades.

Just because I want this one means I'm going to have a hard time. This is my chance.

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