Someone Found The Source For The Background Art For All These Classic Pokemon Cards

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If you've played the Pokemon Trading Card Game as a kid, you'll remember this classic background. You know, plains or trees? Things that seemed straight out of Digital Blasphemy? Well, they kind of were! Or at least, something like that.

Twitter user Fanamel recently posted an incredible video that details his hunt for the Pokemon card background, and the results are staggering. According to them, the art is from a series called "Datacraft Sozaijiten", which is "used in many Japanese media and Nintendo games". It all kind of came together over time: finding them on a stock photo site.

The comparisons are obvious, and even if you only look directly at the background, fans of Pokemon's first edition will instantly recognize them. It's not just a blast from the past, but still extremely relevant! Pokémon cards are doing better than ever, as Wizards of the Coast just received its best financial report recently. The trading card market is really taking off due to the state of the world over the past year, and Pokemon is booming.

I'm always looking for more people to play Kitchen Table Matches with! Hopefully Wizards of the Coast will give this game the proper Magic: Arena treatment, complete with a UI upgrade.

Fanamel [Twitter]

Last night I managed to find a bunch of source images used as backgrounds in Pokemon cards, here are some of them.

- Fanamel (@FanamelT) March 26, 2022

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