Nintendo Switch is getting Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition on November 3

Developed in-house by Frontier

Life finds a way to bring simulation games to Nintendo Switch. The last port? Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition, a bundle of the base game and all DLC story and dinosaur pieces, including the nostalgic return Return to Jurassic Park, Claire's Sanctuary, and Secrets of Dr. Wu. It's due out November 3 2022.

We had a chance to chat with Frontier about the Switch version ahead of today's announcement.

Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition was developed in-house for Switch, and according to game director Rich Newbold, "the stars have aligned for the company and the team to rise to this challenge."

"We did some early testing to take the game we had and simulate the hardware on the Switch with our PCs to see if we could pull it off," he told us. “After a few early prototypes, we dove into the full process of optimizing the game for Nintendo Switch. »

As for the technical constraints, there will obviously be a blow to the visual fidelity coming from the PC or even Xbox One and PS4 versions of Jurassic World Evolution, but that's not all. “We had to add a limit to the number of dinosaurs a player can have in the park. We wanted the parks to be the same size, but we added a limit so you can only have XNUMX dinosaurs in a park. park immediately. " 

More generally, I also asked Newbold what it was like to make a game in simulation space with a licensed property compared to, say, Planet Coaster or Planet Zoo.

"Universal gives us access to things that we couldn't do if we didn't have the license," he said. "We get authentic dinosaur models, they provide us with source resources for audio, they give us tips on how these dinosaurs can move and walk and sound, and along with that we also get access to the depth of the franchise: the characters and talent behind it. In other words, Jeff Goldblum!

Something tells me this won't be the last Jurassic game developed by Frontier. Fingers crossed it works well.

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