Let's Sing Queen is the Beatles: Rock Band de jeux de karaoké

The killer queen

Me, to anyone trying to silence my unclear moans that sound pitifully like Freddie Mercury's cherubic voice: Don't stop me now.

There's a queen-themed Let's Sing game coming to consoles this fall. Let's Sing Queen is a collection of 30 classic Queen songs assembled for your home karaoke needs. Like other Let's Sing games, this edition supports USB mics, but most people will find it more convenient to sing along on their phone through a dedicated Let's Sing app.

The full track list hasn't been revealed, but here's what was called out in the press release and shown via screenshots:

  • "A kind of magic"
  • "Another one biting the dust"
  • " Bike race "
  • «Rhapsodie bohémienne»
  • "Fat Bottom Girls"
  • "Good Old Boy in Love"
  • "The Killer Queen"
  • " I want to be free "
  • " I want everything "
  • "Someone to Love"
  • " We are the champions "
  • " We will Rock You "
  • "Who wants to live forever"

The inevitable living room carve-up of all these classics is reminiscent of The Beatles: Rock Band (or, less memorably, Green Day: Rock Band), perfectly produced by Harmonix. The one-artist approach works wonders for people who are less inclined to mess with all the current pop bangers and much prefer to work on a group's greatest hits.

Let's Sing Queen is set to launch on October 2 on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. Launch yourself, you know, like a shooting star leaping across the sky like a gravity-defying tiger. Or, like a racing car passing like Lady Godiva.

When will this end with mercy? There's no stopping me.

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