Black Friday deal: $169 Switch Lite, $43 Pokemon Shield and Sword end soon tonight

Offers expiring soon tonight

We'll make this post quick and easy due to the limited time available for these offers. As of this writing, you can still pick up a Nintendo Switch Lite for around $170 (plus tax) at Rakuten with their 20% off Black Friday (BF20) site promo code.

That means a Switch Lite that comes with Pokemon Shield or Sword at full price will save you around $43. You can also pick up a Nintendo Switch Version 2 for around $263 (there was a cheaper deal earlier today but it's now out of stock).

These trades expire tonight at 23:59 p.m., although given how Rakuten has handled things in the past, they should pay off on Cyber ​​Monday (note that during this weekend the coupon will likely be running) .

Nintendo Switch Lite and Version 2 Black Friday Specials

Mandatory coupon: BF20 (expires tonight at 23:59 p.m. PT)

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