Loop Hero adds more speeds and mid-game saves

    Loop Hero adds more speeds and mid-game saves

    The roguelike strategy game hurts-so-good hit 500000 sales in just one week, and it's getting content updates

    Devolver Digital and Four Quarters have quite the roguelike strategy on their hands with Loop Hero, a game that's hard to fully "understand" until you've looked at the clock and realized you've just wasted several hours in an instant. . Many – and I mean many – curious players have come to this realization this week.

    Loop Hero topped 500000 sales in its first week on Steam, and players averaged 12 hours.

    What is this game? It's a distillation of moody old RPGs, card-drawing deckbuilders, idle games, and gambling. Granted, that last one isn't technically true – but I definitely feel like I'm taking a chance every time I play. I never know when to retire with my stack of resources before it's too late and I'm screwed.

    Sprinkle the map with structures from randomly drawn cards to help and hinder your hero, passively watch them fight fantasy enemies, actively equip increasingly better items that match your class, and keep them alive until they can take on the big boss - that's the idea, anyway. Loop Hero is tough.

    It's one of those games with an old-school mystique about it where you have to test things out on your own to discover synergies or even entire game mechanics, or you have to check out the wiki.

    I haven't taken step two yet – I was so close with an absurdly fast Rogue once – but maybe I'll have my breakthrough soon. I also want to improve with Necromancer because skeletons rule.

    Besides the sales update, Four Quarters also confirmed a some featu to comeres: “a save system during expeditions, new speed settings and a trait set acquired from bosses. The developers also intend to give Loop Hero more card types, character classes, and tile transformations this year.

    Loop Hero adds more speeds and mid-game saves

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