Beware of when you eat fruit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Could ruin your chance to collect supplies

Fruit has been a staple of the Animal Crossing franchise since the beginning, but it really hasn't been of much use. Sometimes villagers ask you for it, and you can always sell it at Nook's Cranny, but beyond that and the Rotten Fruit that was introduced in New Leaf, it hasn't seen much use. Eating it has only been something to do so far.

Fruit can still be sold for bells or buried to make new fruit, but when you eat fruit in New Horizons, you earn super strength limited use. For every coin you get, you get a powerful strike. This is an incredibly powerful tool if there are rocks on your island that you'd rather not be there. Eat a piece of fruit and give the rock a good smack with your shovel and it will shatter into pieces. If you are lucky enough to break a silver stone, you will earn all the bells inside.

However, if you're trying to stock up on materials for crafting, you'll need to be careful when eating a fruit. As in previous games, hitting a rock with a shovel multiple times will net you a few different types of materials, including rocks, clay, metal, and sometimes gold. But if you break it before you gather all those crafting materials, there's no way to get them back.

You'll want to keep this in mind when visiting random islands on islands to gather materials. These trips, which cost 2000 Nook Miles, are a great resource of wood and stone, as well as exotic fish and bugs that you may not be able to catch on your island.

Another tip: make the stone ax as soon as you can. Trees on your island grant you wooden crafting materials when hit, but hitting them with a metal ax will cut them down. Hitting them with a stone axe, which is much more powerful than the flimsy axe, will allow you to pick up the wood without losing the tree.

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