Yuzu: The ambitious Nintendo Switch emulator

Yuzu: The ambitious Nintendo Switch emulator

Yuzu: The ambitious Nintendo Switch emulator

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From the creators of Citra, the Nintendo 3Ds emulator, comes Yuzu, an open source emulator for Nintendo Switch. Written in C++, with portability in mind, and kept up-to-date with various active releases for Windows and Linux.

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What is Yuzu?

Yuzu has been in development since January 14, 2022. Two years after its launch, work is still underway on the project, but it has already managed to run several games almost perfectly and with performance that surpasses the same console. The Yuzu team is constantly working to ensure that its entire catalog of games is perfect.

The emulator uses a network service called Boxcat, replacing Nintendo's Bcat dynamic content network. In December 2022 an experimental Vulkan renderer was added and unfortunately does not contain support for macOS.

Art Tip #5- by Tobi

Yuzu has quite a large catalog of games for its two years of development, most of them are still working with patches and have several bugs, but they are still playable.

And even on the same official page you can see which games are 100% available, saving you from looking for unknown pages or those that can damage our equipment.

What do I need to play Yuzu?

Our first requirement is to have a physical Nintendo Switch. Yuzu emulator is very easy to get, you just need to go to the official page and download. With the new patch rolled out in April this year, we got the “every night” version, which already contains deeper stability, as well as several bug and error fixes in several games from the official catalog.

The latest version of Yuzu also requires the latest version of Microsoft C++

Now we have to check if our PC has the necessary hardware to run our emulator.

Once we have the requirements, we start with the ambitious part of the project.

Yuzu needs the system files found on the Nintendo Switch to play properly. The official page gives you all the tools and links to check if our console is compatible with the emulator.


  • If your Switch is patched, you won't be able to continue with the guide
  • If we have a Switch Lite, you won't be able to continue with the guide either, as it's factory patched.

Once we have the requirements, the basic system guide helps us copy all system files, updates, and DLCs from your Switch to your computer and organizes them into a format that Yuzu can understand, this process takes about 60 to 90 minutes and in the end we will have a more stable and powerful version of what the Switch can offer us.

If you want a digital adventure and you have all the requirements that Yuzu asks us, I invite you to consult the basic guide to start installing the emulator on your computer.

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