What are the YouTube trophies?

What are the YouTube trophies?


  • Trophy Silver.
  • Trophy Gold.
  • Trophy Diamond.
  • Trophy ruby.
  • Trophy Red Diamond.

so How to win a YouTube trophy? If your channel is eligible, you will receive a notification in YouTube Studio within a week after reaching the audience cap allowing you to obtain a Trophy creators. This notification contains a unique code that you must enter on the request portal. trophies.

Who has the most subscribers on YouTube? The 10 creators here won the more subscribers

As in 2022, the content creator here won the more subscribers on YouTube in our country in 2022 is Michou. He is ahead of his friend Inoxtag and Squeezie (the number 1 Youtuber in our country), here complete the podium.

moreover, Who is the number 1 of YouTube?

Who has the most subscribers on YouTube?

N ° "Excellence Award" views
1 SQUEEZIE 8 630 045 920
2 Cyprien 2 884 870 290
3 NORMAN MAKES VIDEOS 2 629 676 423
4 Tibo InShape 2 882 919 136

• Nov 8, 2022

Contents hide 1 How to get your YouTube channel certified? 2 Who certifies Instagram accounts? 3 How to find an original YouTube nickname? 4 How to certify an Instagram account? 4.1 How to get millions of views on YouTube? 5 How to find a stylish nickname?

How to get your YouTube channel certified?

Validation badges on channels

  1. To request verification of your channel, you must have at least 100 subscribers. …
  2. To check if you can request verification of your channel, click Connect in the top right.
  3. If someone is impersonating you or your channel, let us know.

How to get lots of subscribers on YouTube?

How do I know the owner of a YouTube channel? But in the about tab, there is nothing. Comment find the contact owner, or a login email to the chaine? The link on the chaine : https: // www.youtube .com/channel/UCKY908VdD8zlWYK7MtyIVrg/about.

How do I get an official artist channel? To be eligible for a official artist channel , you must meet the following criteria:

  1. own and manage a chain YouTube which represents a artist or a group.
  2. To have uploaded to YouTube at least three official music videos provided by a music distribution partner or record company.

Who certifies Instagram accounts?

This certification is obtained after verification by the team ofInstagram, and makes it possible to formalize a compte and make it more visible.

How to get more than 1000 subscribers on YouTube? For have 1000 subscribers on YouTube, it is mandatory to use tags and hashtags. However, you have to know how to choose the tags and hashtags adapted to your content. Well-optimized tags and hashtags make your video appear in the platform's top search results.

How to get more views on YouTube for free?

  1. Do full descriptions. Google can see everything, hear everything, know everything……
  2. Optimize keywords. Just like the description, keyword optimization is a very important point for the SEO of your video. ...
  3. Join communities. ...
  4. Push users to subscribe. ...
  5. Create playlists.

How to get views on YouTube? So, if you want to increase your number of views on YouTube, promote your video by doing the following: Post a short teaser video on your social media and link to the full video on YouTube.

How to find an original YouTube nickname?

YouTube : How to find the perfect name for your channel?

  1. Avoid a channel name YouTube too long.
  2. Make yourself easily identifiable.
  3. Add a descriptive element.
  4. Use capitals.
  5. Perform a preliminary research.
  6. Use a name generator.
  7. Stay true to your business.

How to present a channel on his channel?

How to create a YouTube Music account? Create account on the fact YouTube

  1. Access to YouTube .
  2. At the top right, click Connect.
  3. Click on Create account .
  4. Select For me or To manage my business.

How to have a music account on YouTube? When uploading videos, go to the "Advanced Settings" tab of the Video Manager and make sure to select " Music in the “Category” drop-down list. In most cases, you don't have to do anything to get your music content into the app.

How to get an Instagram account certified?

Comment have a compte certificated Instagram ?

  1. Access your settings from the app.
  2. Select “request verification” from the menu “ compte  »
  3. Enter your username and full name.
  4. If you are an individual, submit photo identification (such as a passport photo).

How to certify your Instagram account 2022? Your Instagram account must meet all of these criteria to be verified. You must be: Authentic: Of course, you must be a real person, a registered company or a brand. Single: There will be only one compte per person or company to be verified by Instagram.

How to be certified on Instagram 2022?

Here is the list of criteria for Instagram to request a badge certificated :

  1. Have an account Instagram Authentic. The first criterion is authenticity. …
  2. Have an account Instagram unique. ...
  3. Have a profile Instagram Complete to get verification. …
  4. Have an account Instagram Popular.

When YouTube pays? When are we paid by Youtube ? YouTube will pay you the income due within approximately 60 days of the end of any calendar month, as long as the income generated reaches at least $ 100 USD or € 70 or its equivalent in your local currency at the time of payment expires.

How to get millions of views on YouTube?

It depends on the sector, but on average a youtuber earns 0,80 cents per 1000 views, so for 1 million views, you will win… €800!

What is the most viewed clip on YouTube? Released in January 2022, the song "Despacito" isis imposed as the hit of the summer that same year. His clip accounts for 7,6 billion views on YouTube. In 2022, the video reached the first place in the ranking of the videos the plus viewed before being dethroned by "Baby Shark" in February 2022.

How to have 4.000 hours of viewing?

How to have a stylish nickname? Avoid names with 2 syllables or those with excessive repetition of letters, such as "Billie Letts", which contains many "l's". List several aliases. Often, it is enough to combine the syllables of your real name to obtain an attractive pseudonym.

How to find a stylish nickname?

The little things to consider for find sound pseudo gamer

  1. Assume it over the long term. ...
  2. Find a nickname easy to pronounce, if possible. ...
  3. Pay attention to future word games. ...
  4. Formatting your tone pseudo is important. ...
  5. Don't copy from someone else, let alone Gotaga. ...
  6. Play with your first and last name.

How to find a good twitch username? Tips for Choose a voucher Name Twitch :

  1. Suitable Length:…
  2. Use Numbers and Characters Carefully:…
  3. Tendencies: …
  4. Spin-XO:…
  5. Screen Name Generator:…
  6. Rum and Monkey:…
  7. The Cool Name Generator:…
  8. Fake Name Generator:

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