How to link 2 Nintendo switch accounts?

How to link 2 Nintendo switch accounts?

From the HOME menu, select “Console Settings”. Scroll down, then select “Users” and “Add User“. Select "Next". Select the icon you want associate at your compte.

How to associate 2 Switch console? The second method – the most popular – is to use Wi-Fi to connect two devices. First check that the machines are not in airplane mode. To do this, go to the “Settings of the consul”, section “Airplane mode”. Launch the game: in its menu, a section is dedicated to “local multiplayer” games.

How to share a Nintendo switch account? The method :

  1. Connect to the Nintendo Account the family group administrator.
  2. Select Nintendo Account at the top left of the screen to access the settings of your compte .
  3. Select Family group.
  4. Select Add member.

Moreover, How to create a Nintendo account on Switch?

Visit and click on “Connect/Create account. " Click on " Create Nintendo Account ". Fill in the required information, then click “Send”.

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How to transfer a Nintendo switch account?

From the HOME menu, select "Console Settings" > "User" > " To transfer an user ". Select "Next" once, then a second time, then select "Source console" to indicate that the content will be transferred from this console.

How to put a switch game on another switch? In order to transfer games from console to console for another, you must disable the console on which the games are located, then activate the new Nintendo console Switch. You can then upload your games on the new console and play it.

How to play Mario Kart with 2 switches? Launch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. On the main menu, select the option for one or two people players à next to the "Local Wireless Mode" button. Select the host player's name that appears in the "Private Party" section.

How do I share an account on Switch? Follow these instructions:

  1. Select " Account Nintendo” at the top left of the screen to access your settings. compte .
  2. Select “Family group”.
  3. Select “Add Member”. This option is only available for the compte of the group administrator.

How does the Switch family subscription work?

Anyone aged 18 or over can purchase a family subscription. Players using a same family subscription can access the Nintendo service Switch Online via the same Nintendo console Switch or via different consoles: everyone is not obliged to use one and the same console.

How to create a fortnite switch account? To associate your compte Nintendo at your compte Epic, you must visit the Epic Games website on a computer or smart device or do so in Fortnite, after launching the game on Nintendo Switch for the first time.

How to reinstall a game on Switch?

Does the software icon appear on the HOME menu?

  1. Access Nintendo eShop with the Nintendo Account that purchased the software. ...
  2. Select your user icon at the top right of the screen to access your account information.
  3. Select “Redownload” on the left of the screen.

How to recover a Switch user? sign in to the Nintendo Account of the parent or guardian used to manage the child's account; select "Family group", then select the child account that was deleted; select “Reactivate” to reactivate the account.

How to transfer fortnite from one Switch to another?


  1. From the HOME menu, select “System Settings” > “Data Management” > “ To transfer backup data”.
  2. Select "Receive Backups" and place the two consoles close to each other for another . ...
  3. Once the a transfer data backup completed, select “OK”.

How to put your fortnite Switch account on another Switch?

Once your compte Nintendo associated with your compte Epic Games, it will not be possible to associate a other account Nintendo even if you unlink it. Associate a compte Epic at your compte Nintendo allows you to access cross-platform features in Fortnite, if applicable.

How to transfer a fortnite Switch account to another Switch? Comment find your profile on your new Nintendo Switch ?

  1. Go to "Console Settings" > "Users" > " To transfer a user” on the source console (your old Switch );
  2. Choose the profile to transférer ;
  3. Connect the Switch ;

How to play 8 Mario Kart? Ask a player create a game room and host the game. Launch Mario barth 8 Deluxe. From the menu, select the 1 or 2 player option next to Wireless Game Mode.

How to play Mario Kart Switch online with a friend?

To start, choose Play as line in the main menu. As with wireless play, choose the number of players who will play on Switch, not the number who will play in total. In the Game menu linechoose Friends.

How to remove the gyroscope on Mario Kart 8? Three small icons appear below the statistics and allow you to deactivate the two automatic aids, and possibly activate the gyroscope (Y). Press L and R to activate/deactivate assisted driving and auto acceleration.

How to know which is the main Switch?

You can not avoir a console main both for your Nintendo Account. The Nintendo family console Switch that you use when you first log in to Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch becomes your console main.

How to put a Switch main user? Follow these steps:

On the second Nintendo console Switch, link your Nintendo Account to your profileuser, new or existing. Access the Nintendo eShop with your Nintendo Account on the second console: it will automatically be marked as the new console main from your Nintendo Account.

How to recover a Nintendo Switch profile?

Visit the account website Nintendo and log into your account Nintendo. Click Reactivate to recover your account. To restore a child's account, click Family Group, then click Reactivate on the child's account you want to restore.

How to subscribe switch? Comment subscribe

You can subscribe from the Nintendo section Switch Online located on the left in Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch. Enjoy a 7-day free trial (only available forSubscription individual) from Nintendo eShop.

How to pay for the switch subscription?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Select Nintendo eShop from the HOME menu to open Nintendo eShop.
  2. Select the account you want to use.
  3. Select Nintendo Switch Online on the left side of the screen.
  4. Select Options Subscription to see prices and formulas Subscription In progress.

What is the price of the switch subscription? €19,99 for one year, €7,99 for 3 months or €3,99 per month. He is also possible to opt for theSubscription family from €34,99 per year for 8 people (i.e. less than €4,5 per person per year, by far the best offer).

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